BMI of Male Kpop Groups

With the number of articles going around about the average height and weight of Kpop idols, I thought that the next natural step would be to use these figures to work out their Body Mass Indexes (BMI). YAY! For practical reasons, this post is only for the guy groups. I’ll do a separate one for the girls. 

BMI Classifications:

  • Under Weight: < 18.50
  • Normal: 18.50 – 24.99
  • Overweight: > 25.00
  • Obese: > 30.00

Everyone knows about the failings of BMI (so there’s no point discussing them here haha).

Thin- Very Very Thin

TEEN TOP Weight: 55.1kg, Height: 175.1cm, BMI = 18

MY NAME – Weight: 57.6kg, Height: 178.4cm, BMI = 18.1

SHINee – Weight: 58.0kg, Height: 178.8cm, BMI = 18.1

LEDApple – Weight: 60.0kg, Height: 181.0cm, BMI = 18.3


Normal (but still on the skinny side):

CNBLUE – Weight: 62.0kg, Height: 183.0cm, BMI = 18.5

INFINITE – Weight: 58.8kg, Height: 177.8cm, BMI = 18.6

ZE:A – Weight: 59.1kg, Height: 178.2cm, BMI = 18.6

Twilight – Weight: 59.7kg, Height: 178cm, BMI = 18.8

TVXQ Weight: 62.4kg, Height: 181.2cm, BMI = 19.0

B1A4 – Weight: 61.6kg, Height: 179.4cm, BMI = 19.1

F.T. Island Weight: 59.8kg, Height: 176.6cm, BMI = 19.2

X-5 Weight: 66.4kg, Height: 186.2cm, BMI = 19.2

Block B Weight: 60.7kg, Height: 177.4cm, BMI = 19.3

CHAOS – Weight: 61.8kg, Height: 179.0cm, BMI = 19.3

JYJWeight: 62kg, Height: 179.3cm, BMI = 19.3

Big Bang – Weight: 60.8kg, Height: 177.2cm, BMI = 19.4

TOUCH Weight: 62.0kg, Height: 179.0cm, BMI = 19.4

AA Weight: 64.0kg, Height, 180.6cm, BMI = 19.6

N-Train – Weight: 61.0kg, Height: 176.6cm, BMI = 19.6

Co-Ed School Weight: 65.2kg, Height: 182.6cm, BMI = 19.6

Dalmation – Weight: 61.0kg, Height: 176.6cm, BMI = 19.6

B2ST – Weight: 61.1kg, Height: 175.6cm, BMI = 19.8

U-KISS Weight: 64.4kg, Height: 180.5cm, BMI = 19.8

MBLAQ – Weight: 63.2kg, Height: 178.4cm, BMI = 19.9

SS501 Weight: 65.4kg, Height: 181.2cm, BMI = 19.9

Supernova – Weight: 66.6kg, Height: 183.0cm, BMI = 19.9


YAY! Groups with a BMI greater than 20!

F.CUZ – Weight: 66.3kg, Height: 182cm, BMI = 20.0

BoM – Weight: 64.5kg, Height: 179.0cm, BMI = 20.1

Super Junior – Weight: 64.2kg, Height: 178.0cm, BMI = 20.3

B.A.P Weight: 65.1kg, Height: 178.8cm, BMI = 20.4

2AM Weight: 67.5kg, Height: 181.1cm, BMI = 20.6

M.I.B Weight: 67.2kg, Height: 179.2cm, BMI = 20.9

2PM – Weight: 69.1kg, Height: 180.8cm, BMI = 21.1




Okay my head officially hurts now after making this list. It’s times like these when I wish I was rich enough to hire someone else to do the menial tasks for me hahaha. 

So what did you guys think? Personally speaking I’m not surprised. This is just evidence of the fact that I’ll need to lose a considerable amount of weight before meeting any of my biases for fear of falling over and breaking them. 



One thought on “BMI of Male Kpop Groups

  1. I was slightly disturbed by the fact that TVXQ is so light. 😛

    I mean, their average height is about 185 (it’s wrong here), and they are still so thin… O.o I mean, just looking at Changmin, I knew he was skinny, but…wow.

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