Top 6 Scariest Plastic Surgery Procedures

The 'before' and 'after' of plastic surgery

The idea of plastic surgery may be repulsive to some, intriguing to others or just simply downright desirable. Whether you just want to know more about plastic surgery or are thinking about getting it, this is an in-depth description of the top 6 plastic surgery procedures, as well as the celebrities who are speculated to have done it. Because it is such a long post (and one of my more serious ones) Clt + F to find the procedure you’re looking for.

Two websites I recommend you to check out are Oz Clinic and BK Clinic; from which I sourced a lot of information. They are two of the most reputable plastic surgery clinics in South Korea and offer exclusive surgery which may be not available in western countries.

Oz Clinic:     BK Clinic:

Number 6: Nose Job

What is it? This procedure involves remodelling the shape, width and/or height of the nose. It can be used to fix a small bump on the nose (like Lee Minho’s picture below), or to create a higher nose bridge by inserting a nasal implant through the base of the nose (see Park Min Young’s picture).

The incision for the nose job will leave a small scar between your nostrils and will also leave the tip of your nose feeling hard when pressed. Furthermore, because of the implant, a person whose had a nose job can no longer do a ‘pig’s nose’ (i.e. push the tip of the nose upwards towards their face).

Actor Lee Minho - A subtle nose job?

What are some alternatives? An interesting alternative to a nose job is the ‘Beauty Lift High Nose‘ tool. Developed by Japanese company Omni, the tool claims to raise the bridge of the nose stimulating and vibrating the cartridge into a more upright position. This tool can be purchased for $140 at the Japanese Trend Shop (for US customers only).

Beauty Lift High Nose Tool

Another method is to simply use makeup to create the illusion of a slimmer and higher nose. This involves using a bright highlighting colour on surface of the nose (from just between the eyes to the tip of your nose). A darker colour is then blended out on both sides of the nose. The effect of contouring is quite natural and may be well worth the effort. The image below is taken from ‘makeupforlife’.

Left (no makeup), Right (with contouring)

Number 5: Double eyelids and ‘cutting corners’

What is it? Double eyelid surgery is used to create an eyelid fold, or to enlarge an existing one. There are two main surgical procedures to get double eyelids.

  • The non incision method or suture method is more suitable for people with little eyelid fat and is popular because of it’s short recovery time (around 1 week). However, there is a possibility that the crease can disappear over time.
  • The second method is the incision method which involves cutting into the eyelid itself. Cutting into your eyelids means that it will take a much longer time for the swelling to go down and there will be a faint line on your eyes, even when they have completely healed. However, this is more appropriate for people who have excess skin and eye fat, as both can be removed during the procedure.

There is also an option to ‘cut’ the inner corners of your eyes (epicanthoplasty) when getting your double eyelids done. Cutting the corners of your eyes will extend the length and shape of your eye, giving you more of a Goo Hara wide eye look. Your surgeon should advise you of the option to do this and if they don’t, you should bring it up. However, some surgeons won’t recommend this procedure for two reasons: 1) cutting the inner corners of your eyes may result in the eyes looking too close together, and 2) it can injure your tear ducts, thereby extending your recovery time.

Image taken from Oz Clinic's website. The left pic is the one who had her inner corner cut.

Problems and Solutions: The only part of your body that stays the same size from birth until your death is the size of your iris. Therefore, if you cut your eyelid crease too high or extend your corners too wide, it could leave your irises looking empty on the whites of your eyes (see below). Circle lenses are one way to cover up this problem. However, they are not a permanent solution and as of yet, there are no procedures to change the size of your irises.

What are some alternatives? Eyelid tape and eyelid glue are alternatives that you can consider if your scared of the surgery or simply don’t have the dough. They are also good for experimenting and working out your ideal crease size before visiting a surgeon, and can also give permanent double eyelids if used long enough. However, the reality is that you are putting (toxic?) glue on one of the most sensitive parts of your face and there are testimonies that the glue/tape can loosen your eyelid, causing drooping later on in life.

Some before and after pictures:

SNSD's Yuri - before and after eyelid surgery

Super Junior's Kyuhyun before and after eyelid surgery

After School's UEE

Number 4: Forehead and Chin implants

What are they? Chin implants are inserted by cutting through your lower lip or making an incision under your chin. They are usually requested by people who have a ‘protruding mouth’ and can be used to make the face slimmer, sharper and enhance the proportion of your features. This before and after photo below is taken from Oz Clinic’s website:

Celebrities who are speculated to have undergone chin surgery include China’s Barbie Hsu (from the original Meteor Garden) and Fan Bing Bing:

Barbie Hsu - Before and After?

Forehead implants are used to create the effect of a rounder forehead by inserting a  silicon implant into, well, the forehead. If opting for this procedure, you should plan a long stay in Korea because it can take up to 2 weeks to get a custom made silicon implant. Before and after pics from Oz Clinic’s website:

Risks: the highest risk is infection. As with every plastic surgery procedure, there is also the possibility of scaring.

Number 3: Rib removal

What is it? Rib removal involves getting the ‘floating ribs’ (no. 11 & 12) surgically removed in order to achieve a smaller waist, thereby obtaining an hourglass figure or S-line. Medically speaking, ribs are necessary to protect our internal organs from trauma/damage. Therefore, the rear portion of the floating ribs are kept during this procedure in order to maintain their functional purposes.

The coveted S-line: (left to right) Hyomin, Jun Ji Hyun, Minkyung, Shin Min Ah

Some alternatives: corset training is another way to achieve the desired hourglass figure or ‘S line’. Despite this, corset training shapes your waist over many years and effectively squashes your internal organs in the process. Massage hula hoops and certain pilates exercises also claim to tuck in your waist, however, there is only so much you can achieve because of your natural body type.

The effect of corset training on your organs

Number 2: Calf muscle reduction

What is it? Calf-muscle reduction is a less well known surgery but one that is gaining popularity in Asia. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to pinpoint which idols have had the surgery because the reduction in leg circumference can usually be attributed to weight loss. The safest way to reduce calf muscle is to undergo a procedure known as  partial gastrocnemius muscle resection. By reducing the muscle bulk, your legs will end up looking longer and more slender (i.e. more SNSD like).

What’s the risk? Because this is a relatively new procedure, I cannot stress the importance of going to an experienced doctor. It’s not like eyelid surgery, where you can get it done in China for $200. Following the surgery, you will have difficulty walking for around 2 weeks, and there is a question of whether or not secondary correction is available.

Cost: US$5000 – $10,000

Number 1: Jaw reduction surgery & Cheekbone shaving

What is it? Jaw reduction surgery usually involves cutting off a portion of the mandible or removing the outer cortex of the mandible in order to achieve a smaller or ‘V’ shaped jawline. Cheekbone reduction aims to do the same thing by either moving the bone inwards or shaving it to make the face smoother.

What are the benefits? One of the key benefits of jaw & cheek reduction surgery is that it can make a dramatic difference to you face by visually changing the proportion of your features. Jaw surgery is often carried out along side a ‘nose job’ as the harmonisation of your face depends on your jaw to nose ratio. Have a look at these before and after pictures from various sources on the internet:

Jaw surgery is also known to ‘kill two birds with one stone‘ because after the surgery you won’t be allowed to eat solid food for at least a month. This means that not only will you be shrinking your jawline you’ll be losing weight as well!

What are the risks? The biggest risk in this procedure is death.

What are some alternatives? While jaw & cheek shaving surgery seems like a dramatic procedure, the results themselves are also quite dramatic (in a good way). However, if you still want to get the desired ‘V’ face shape, without putting your life on the line (haha), you can try out these two fad products. The first is a face roller and the second is a face slimming mask.

Left (face roller), Right (Slimming mask) Both can be purchased on sites like

Now I have a face roller and I can testify to it’s poor results. Perhaps my face is just too large, but my face roller stretched and is now un-usable. On the other hand, face slimming masks seem to be quite popular in Korea, with celebrities testifying to their effectiveness.



The source list is really too long to post up. But if you want any more info, shoot me an email.

69 thoughts on “Top 6 Scariest Plastic Surgery Procedures

  1. I sincerely died reading this article. It was long, but so worth the read, as usual! If theres one surgery I want to do, it’s getting rid of some excess fat below my lips but I don’t think there’s really a history of that having been done lol. The before and after Park Mon Young pics are so stunning! I thought she was a natural beauty but looks can be deceiving! Pun absolutely intended. I have to admit I just spent the last hour reading all the articles on this site. You guys are too awesome. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much!!! Gah your comments are all so funny 😀 I think if it was risk free I would try out jaw shaving because it makes such a huge difference but i’m too chicken. I mean what if you trip and break your jaw *shudders*

      • Yea, I remember there was this celebrity from China who died while undergoing the jaw shaving surgery. It was such a pity though because she was already very pretty 😦 It’s quite a risk to take.

    • Are you kidding. All Korean celebs are fake as hell. They wish they were born that way. Even China and Japan has real beauties.

  2. Excellent, informative read!!! Well done!!! Its awesome having these options to improve ones look. However to really change d entire face to a complete different person, almost changing d entire identity, (park min young), i really cant imagine. I think she can’t even recognize herself from than on… It’s an amazing world….

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I know what you mean; plastic surgery can do incredible things. And they all look so natural as well!

      • There’s another thing in korea I think it’s an facial massage I’ve seen it work miracles but it hurts really REALLY bad. My friends mom got it done and when she came back you can see tear streaks cuz she cried for an while hour (that’s how bad it hurts) but at least you won’t die and the changes is dramatic

  3. What’s really funny about this is how much society has pushed this on people. I’m African American and I’ve had giant eyes for a long time. When I started watching Asian dramas, the first ones I watched was before all the plastic surgery women took over. My older sister used to always tell me I had bug eyes so when I saw the Asian women, I wanted monolids and smaller, Asian shaped eyes.
    Then, circle lens came out. At first I was like, yay, big eyes are in. But the more I looked at the them, the more I began to feel as if my own eyes weren’t big enough. It’s absolutely crazy that society can do that to people. I hate it and hope that women won’t become so obsessed that they’re willing to give their uniqueness up to look like clones. When everyone looks like the same type of beautiful, it no longer is beautiful, it’s average.

    • I completely agree with you. There is so much indirect pressure on women to conform to society’s idea of beauty. Sometimes I look at Korean celebrities and I think: ‘Wow she’s soooo pretty! I wish I could look like her’ but at other times I get hit with the realisation that everyone is beginning to look the same. It’s this standardisation of beauty that makes me think about how wonderful it is to be unique, normal looking me haha 😀

      • It is not normal yet because we still look at them and say gosh they are beautiful. It will become normal when we look at them and say she okay looking or he is alright.

      • I totally agree with you. I watch these beautiful people on TV but then afterwards I can’t help but think they’re all starting to look the same, like they came from the same mold. There was a news article I read somewhere before where they got the photos of the top 20 Miss Korean candidates and put them together – they looked so much alike I couldn’t even tell them apart! Everyone of those girls had the same oval faces and V-line jaws, pointy chins, big double-lidded eyes, high straight nose, porcelain white skin…

      • I feel lucky to be growing up in a family that always encourages individuality and my parents always taught me to focus more on what people are like on the inside instead of the outside. They’ve always taught me to work on becoming more beautiful on the inside instead – sure, we should try to look neat and tidy and how we present ourselves is important, but not take it to drastic measures like these dangerous plastic surgeries…

    • I agree with you. I think woman from all races are beautiful, especial with their ethnic features. Black women hav beautiful hair, but the media is trying to tell them it’s not. I wish women can have stronger minds and not be easily persuaded into doing these things. Girls, our lives should not be devoted into looking good for men, we can be independent and good men will come to you. I wish every girl knew that.

      • Amen to everything in your comment! 😀

        It’s sad that societal pressure has caused many women to lose their sense of self-worth. We are worth SO MUCH MORE than what we look like. Our lives should be focused on fulfilling ourselves, and NOT devoted to pleasing men or conforming to societal standards of beauty.

      • Who cares about looking good for men? I like to look good for myself! Not everyone wants to look good because of a guy. I wish people would stop making that comment. Aside from that, I think the women and men look great after the surgery to each his/her own. Also, loving the witty commentary from the authors.

  4. Wow! What a different before and after plastic surgery! Who doesn’t love the beauty. If whoever has the gut go under the knife to look better, I give her credit because i am chicken out. So folk, go for it so that you guys can make my day by being pretty or handsome. Ha! Ha! Ha! May God Bless You. The beauty and the handsome

  5. Just make sure that when after the successful plastic surgery and and having enjoyed my new and beautiful image, after I die, I can still be recognized in heaven as the same person as before the surgery!!!

  6. what a great risk people take to look beautiful or handsome anyway I congratulate the people who had the nerve to get a plastic surgery done on their skin but I will stick to makeup

  7. I would get plastic surgery too if I have the money. Fact: pretty people receive special privileges. They don’t get pick on as often compare to fat and ugly people.

    • It’s because they have to make an incision right below your jaw (on your neck) to get to the mandible. The risk in making the incision is that either your carotid arteries (you have two, on either side of your neck, which brings blood from your heart to your head and brain) or jugular veins (you have 4 of these, which brings blood back from your brain to your heart) may get cut. If the carotid is cut, you’ll die within 1-3 minutes. The jugular takes a little longer (6-8 minutes), so the risk of death is lower in this case.

      It’s true that doctors with medical training will try their best to minimize all risks and try to save you if either of the above cases was to occur, but the risks are still there and mistakes can still happen, even with a highly trained doctor.

      There was a Chinese celebrity (singer, I believe) mentioned above, in one of the comments, who died while undergoing a jaw-shaving surgery procedure. There were conflicting reports about what exactly happened, because I first heard that she bled to death on the operating table after the doctor cut a carotid artery, but following reports said that the incision that was made caused unstoppable bleeding which got into her windpipe and caused suffocation that eventually killed her (which is confusing, because that would suggest that the surgeon cut her windpipe by accident or something similarly stupid). Another report says that she died as a result of a complication during the anesthetization, which is a common cause of death for those who undergo plastic surgery (amounts of anesthesia that are put within the human body can reach toxic levels). And finally, the hospital that performed the surgery claimed that the celebrity had heart problems that was the cause of her death a couple of hours after the actual surgery. It’s up to the people to make their own judgements

      Overall though, the mortality rate for plastic surgery is quite low. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates that there is 1 death in 57,000 procedures, while a study in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery put the death rate (also called the mortality rate) slightly higher, at about one in 51,459 operations. (This is for cases where you go to legitimate places and highly trained, certified surgeons; otherwise, the risk of death is on you.)

      • Thank you for this detailed information.
        *wince* The jaw shaving surgery sounds complicated and quite risky…
        So very sad that the celebrity you mentioned died from it…

  8. Every medical procedure always have risk including death risk, even you can die from eat some generic pain killer medicine if your body developing allergic reaction to one of those medicine component…

  9. where did these surgeons, you did it, come from? im interested in getting some feedback on these surgeons and if you happen to know any good ones in adelaide or australia, could you please let me know? leah

  10. I admired how beautiful female K-pop singers are. Then my sister and friend talked about Korean stars having a lot of plastic surgeries. I’m glad that I was born with double eyelids, medium sized eyes, round forehead, and a well shaped chin. I’m a guy so I could careless about the ribs and v shaped chin. I actually do want to move to South Korea. Hey, maybe an agency will ask me to make a debut with my natural features, haha.

  11. Wow number 1 is it really scary.. Hey what about those idols with tan skin before debut, turned fiar after debut?? I was really curious how they did that.

  12. i really love your article….very detailed and informative.eversince i was a baby ive had a big head,lol!and i was always teased by my cousins and friends and it used to really hurt but i somehow got used to them teasing me.but when strangers or people i dont know so well mention about the size of my head,even if they’re not teasing,it still hurts inside and im very insecure about it.

    so anyway ive been thinking about the jaw reduction surgery cuz i believe if i have a smaller jaw my face would look smaller and also my head wont look as big.but i dont like the ‘v-line/shape’ jaw and prefer a more ‘prominent but smaller jaw.

    my friend thinks im being ridiculous when i talked to him about it but he has a small oval shaped face and i think he doesnt really understand what its like for me.
    so do you think this is a good idea?

    • Fyi, i read on some other blog that you can make your jaw and cheek slimmer with botox injection. I think it’ll be much cheaper and less scary but the result is not pemanent & drastic so you’ll have to do it regularly every several months in order to keep your jaw and cheek muscle slimmer.

  13. Thank you very much for this informative article! 😀
    The surgeries described are very scary and TBH I felt numbness and tingly even as I read the descriptions *SHUDDER*

  14. Wow, a detail article on plastic surgery. A very eye opening to me. At the beginning, by watching korean dramas, I thought korean have this european + asian look. I was wrong man… hehehehe… it’s funny though. But I do wonder if they really have gained high confidence with their new look. I wonder how would their loved ones think about them? Certainly good article.

  15. i don’t think all koreans celebs are fake …sandara park for example is natural beauty, she was a celebrity herein the Philippines and i found her really beautiful…about those korean celebs that took surgical procedure to enhance their looks, well it’s their choice …

  16. Big thanks for this article!!!

    I just have a question. I have had pimples for so long, medicines and facials won’t cut it for me. I’ve tried everything and I was thinking if there is a surgery in Korea that can make your face flawless. I want to save up for it. Thank you in advice!

  17. Korean actors/actress no wonder almost all of them look a-like.. i thought they are really natural beauty.. i got discouraged to watch their dramas.. sorry folks

  18. Why did Hyun Bin go under the knife with his jaw? his face look small now.. why do Korean actors/actresses resort to plastic surgeries.. is this the reasons why they easily looked matured even though they are not that old.. like that lady in Princess Hours.. it’s not long we watched her and she look young, but this 2013 i dont know why her face look old as her age,, the same with that lady in Personal Taste awwww they make me crazy

  19. Gosh! I wonder if this article means that EVERY freaking Korean celebrity has had surgery?? Some of the people in the pictures remind me of actual celebrities. This also makes me think this- are Koreans really so ugly otherwise?

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  21. Reading this actually made me feel bad because my role model shin min ah my gu mi ho was involved in changing of the ribs and somE other surgery

  22. Well hey, about only jaw-shave operation risk being death – actually every possible operation risk is death too. Going to sleep by a mask has a chance of never waking up.

  23. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and may
    come back very soon. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great posts, have a nice day!

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