Crazy Little Thing called Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “First Love” as it is sometimes known is said to be ‘the true story of everyone‘. The movie was recommended to me by Renee who sold it with the following: ‘watching it will make you feel young again‘. I don’t often say this but: she was right.

Now, this will sound extremely racist (and please don’t take it the wrong way), but my initial delay in watching the movie was because it was a ‘Thai’ movie. Having grown up with Taiwanese shows and then progressing naturally onto Korean ones, my experience with South East Asian media was pretty much: zero. Oh the Drama Gods please forgive me for my ignorant thoughts because I was SO WRONG. Thai movies are officially awesome.

The Plot:

The plot, although not original, is light and heat-warming. I was literally laughing like hyena during some parts and bawling my eyes out during others.

Nam (played by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) is secretly in love with the school’s prince, Shone (Mario Maurer). However, being conventionally unattractive, her already slim chances are made slimmer by girls devising devious tactics to capture Shone’s attentions. After resolving to transform her appearance, and boost her confidence Nam attracts the unwanted interest of Shone’s best friend Top (…unfortunately NOT Big Bang’s T.O.P…). In the back drop is the comedic sub story of Teacher Inn’s crush on the Sports Teacher. How will their love stories play out?

Top vs T.O.P

What is so good about the plot is that it is highly relatable. I’m sure we all remember the crazy things we did for our first crush. A non-exhaustive list of the highly cringe worthy things that I have done in the past:

  • dreamed about marriage to my crush
  • prank called my ‘crush’ only to hang up when he actually answered
  • thrown something at him, or ‘accidentally’ bumped into him, or got one of my friends to yell out his name to get his attention … only to turn into an incoherent lump when he finally noticed me
  • developed elaborate plots with my friends over ‘three-way’ phone conversations about how to talk to him
  • become disappointed when I wasn’t in the same classes
  • purposely walk past his ‘group’ during lunch just to glance at him

Admit it, you’ve done at least one of the above. Or am I just a weirdo? Haha

The acting:

Best Male: Can I just start off by saying that Shone (Mario Maurer) is the definition of pretty boy hot. I was doubly pleased to realise that he’s at an age where perving on him won’t make me a pedophile or Sugar Mama. However, whilst I can’t fault his professional life, he has had his fair share of Hollywood-style scandals with rumours of sex tapes, a cheating girlfriend and previous management stating that he is a money grabber. Hmmm…. And in the role that made him famous, he was acting as a gay. 


Best Female: The acting of Teacher Inn (Sudarat Budtporm) is flawless. Think Bridget Jones’ verbal diarrhoea combined with over-confidence and a complete lack of sensibilities. She literally provides 90% of the comic relief in the film. Brilliant!

The setting:

The street scenes were also shot really well and reminded both Renee and I of our trip to Thailand in 2011. It was the first time either of us had ridden on a motorbike and we were both praying for our lives the entire time (and cursing the fact that we hadn’t bought travel insurance hahahaha). It wasn’t long though before it got addicting and we wanted to ride them everywhere.

Some photos from our trip:

Above: the beautiful sunset from our resort and the hectic Floating Markets. Below: Phi Phi Island, on the way to James Bond Island, Temples in Phuket. Note: these photos were taken by ourselves. If you steal them – you shall be sued. And then beheaded! 😀

Sorry, for the slight detour. Now back to the review!


A very minor point that annoyed me was the fact that Nam’s skin gets lighter as she grows older. Aside from the whole ‘white skin vs. dark skin debate’, it also begs the question: how come none of her friends got prettier? However, as the film is about self improvement and progression, I can’t really fault it on this point alone.


At the end of the day, whether your a cynic, a romantic, a realist or a goth etc. etc., you’re also human. This film will bring out that human side. Embrace it. Love it. Kiss it. Hug it. Like it. Once you’ve done all that, you can go back to being your old cynical, romantic, realistic or gothic self etc. etc.




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