Idols and their First Kisses

I’m sure we remember that first time we leaned forward for the kiss; with our palms sweating, heart racing and praying that all those times we practised our technique by pashing our hands would pay off. For some people, a first kiss is extremely meaningful whereas for others it is simply another page of their lives. Looking back, if I could use one word to describe my first kiss, it would be: WET. Not the most passionate word, I know. But truthfully, I was 13 at the time and he pretty much grabbed my face and went for it *shudder*.

1) 2AM’s Jo Kwon had his first kiss with After School’s Lizzy for the sitcom ‘All My Love’.

2) After School’s Uee’s first kiss was with Yoo Seung Ho (left) for singer Jo Sung Mo’s music video “Please take good care of her”. Unfortunately, around the same time, Yoo Seung Ho also had a hotter kiss scene with T-ara’s Jiyeon (right); taking away Uee’s thunder. Damn, this is one lucky guy! Thank goodness Yoo Seung Ho has his own fanbase or else he’d be hunted.

3) TVXQ’s Changmin had his first kiss in 2006 outside his girlfriend’s house. Yunho’s most memorable one was the following: “My girlfriend was drunk and called me, asking me to come pick her up. When I arrived, she ordered me to kiss her right then and there.” He continued, “I hesitated for 2 secs until she said, ‘See? This is who you are. There’s this inevitable wall between us.’ I felt sorry, so I pulled the hoodie I was wearing to cover my face and kissed her.” This sounds so HOT.

4) U-Kiss Kevin had his first kiss with Bae Seul Gi in 2010. The kiss took place following his role in the musical ‘On Air Live’. However, Kevin doesn’t consider this to be his first kiss as it took place on stage. Hmmm…a self-confessed kiss virgin 😀

5) Miss A’s Suzy had her first kiss in kindergarten!!! She confessed: “I went and kissed him first… Instead of being bashful or shy, when I like someone, I usually tell them first.” This is just too cute! Much cuter than what I was doing at her age, which was being the big fat kid who snatched food from other children’s hands *bows head in shame*.

6) CN Blue’s Yonghwa first kissed a girl in the winter between 9th and 10th grade. Ohh I have something in common with him!!

7) Big Bang’s TOP had his first kiss in front of his mother. As a self-confessed mummy’s boy, TOP stated: “When I was young, I wanted to show my mom my first kiss with a girl, so I asked my mom to come outside of the house for a moment. When she stepped outside, I beckoned my girlfriend who was hiding from behind the trash cans and confidently kissed her in front of my mom.” That may be, but this most infamous kiss will still be the one with Hyori 😀

8) Super Junior Kyuhyun’s first kiss was with his hoobae in his 2nd year high school. After they finished kissing, he apparently felt the urge to kiss again! Too Kyute!

At the end of the day whether your first kiss was wonderful, magical, passionate or … wet, awkward and gross have no fear! The value society places upon the ‘first kiss’ has more than eroded and kisses tend to just get better and better; practice makes perfect 😀



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