Simply speaking, ‘We’re two ladies with a lot of love for all things Asian’.

At the end of the day our goal is just to make you a little bit happier, a little more opinionated and a lot more crazy for all things Asian!!! We’ve come to realize that while there is an abundance of English websites dedicated to the Asian entertainment industry, there are not many suited for the well educated over 18s. It definitely doesn’t help that Asian entertainers usually become veterans once reaching their 20s. We hope Chienna becomes a blog that allows older viewers to feel at home and discuss what exactly makes Asian entertainment so good and sometimes soo bad.

Although the majority of the posts are just our thoughts and opinions, we do our research well (simply because we don’t want to be sued for defamation).

Here’s a bit more about the both of us:


Thinking back, I believe my love for all things Orient started with a sneek visit to a friend’s house. She was drooling over Rain in the Korean drama “Full House” and was determinedly ignoring yours truly, when I had risked whippings from mum to see her.

Obviously, I had to retaliate.

So, I gave her a full account of what this twelve y.o thought about the slit eyed, mop haired and over tanned actor. Let just say it lasted a full 30 minutes and involved phrases like tight man boobs, Asian drama?!?!, flasher, and more Asian drama?!?!?!?!?!

At this point, my friend handed over the 1st disc of the drama. Two days later, I ran to her, on my knees begging for the full set. The Simpson’s and reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch ended there for me. F4, Meteor Garden and the discovery of Japanese anime rushed to fill the gaps. Years later, I remain an avid fan of Rain’s and Asian culture. We hope you will come to love it too and welcome everyone to share their thoughts with us!


As a young girl I dreamed of becoming a super model. Alas, by a cruel twist of fate, my legs never did grow to the requisite height, although the size of my waist increased (and continues to increase) at an alarming rate.

Being extremely proud of my heritage, I tend to be unashamedly bias towards Asians in sporting events, and will probably end up fulfilling my parents’ deepest desires by marrying an Asian. In daily life, I have often been told that I lack basic subtly and am blunt enough to be considered both a racist and a homophobe. I spend 10% of my day being extremely elitist, snobbish and judgmental, and the remaining 90% being inhumanely rational  (or so I think).

At the moment, my heart belongs to Xiah Junsu (from JYJ) – previously it belong to T.O.P, and before that Hyun Bin. Therefore if you find that any posts are ridiculously bias and dirty I can only say this: Love is a grave mental disease (*wink*).

Whether you love us or hate us, we’d love to hear from you! And being greedy Asians, we never say no to gifts 😀 Just don’t send us letters covered in period blood or drinks with glass chips in them…


Twitter: chienna @ chiennablog

Address: …as if…. (address will be revealed once you can produce evidence proving that you’re not a hater, pervert or stalker :P)

15 thoughts on “STALK US

  1. Hello Renee and Nic! ^^

    Nice to know both of you! I came across your awesome blog through a comment left in Couch Kimchi. Just like you two, I am also a huge fan of Asian Entertainment. By the way, I enjoy reading the posts here. Keep it up and let’s spread the ASIAN LOVE around the blogosphere. ^^

    I’m glad to declare that you two just got a new lurker out of me! Kudos!!! I already put Chienna on my blog list in PurpleLee’s Corner.

    • Ahh~ Thanks for liking our blog Purple Lee! This is the longest comment we’ve ever gotten… haha in the week and a half we’ve started our blog!! I gave Nic a call as soon as i saw and we’re both very thrilled to get feedback. Since the both of us have decided to keep the blog from our friends & family, we can only rely on readers for comments. 😀

      Which articles did you like the best? And is there anything you think we need to improve on?

      xxx Renee & Nic

      • Oh all of us are on the same boat! Haha.

        Me and my friend also started a blog, to be managed by both of us, although I think I’ll be the one to post more haha.

        Am still reading through your posts. Please keep ’em coming okay? Haha Will follow you now ^^

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement bluejunkie! We definitely will work hard to make this blog a success. We both visited your blog today and it has a lot of really interesting articles! Hoping to read more of them in the future.

  3. Hi. I was looking for how to do hair and makeup which you girls had blog links to and then started to read more articles that you have written. So FUNNY and insightive. I just love how you put the “twins” and “diet” sections. Especially the kpop BMI chart that if true…those girls are like “DEAD”. HAHA.

    • Thank you so much happysunshine!! We’re so so happy that you like our blog.
      And those girls are crazy skinny. I’ve talked to a girl who’s seen SNSD in real life and apparently Jessica’s thighs were the thickness of her arms :O

      • Now that is scary! It must be hard to maintain that form. So they can’t eat, date, or be sad/mad/upset openly. Almost feel they are in a cage with us looking in.

  4. lol i love how both of you introduce yourself.
    just got time to stalk on your blog and found that it manage by two people.
    so, hey Renne and Nic! nice to know both of you^^~
    hope we can get along well 🙂

    lovely blog ❤

  5. Great blog! I was born in Korea but adopted to Australia. Only now learning about kpop and other great korean stuff. Ps. How did you get over your T.O.P crush?! He’s amazing! 😉

  6. I really love the articles you have here, everything you’ve both written is interesting and not too long, with honest facts and opinions. Whoever showed their experience with the double fold eyelid surgery you are very brave and thankyou for sharing your experience with us! If either of you could do a series of your favourite wardrobe must-haves or stylish brands it would be much appreciated, I really loved the ideas and commentary on the oscars wardrobe article and the k-pop awards article too. That green Louis Vuitton bracelet would of been perfect! Much love from Canada.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your kind feedback and support! Nic was the one who was brave enough to show us the full process of double eyelid surgery so kudos to her. In regards to brands, I’m a huge Bulgari and Cartier fan. But Vita Fede in LA has caught also my eye recently.

      X Renee

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