Can I make you CRY within a few minutes?

I first came across Thailand insurance commercials when I was in the library. Seeing that they average about a minute, I innocently believed that they wouldn’t make materialistic and cynical old me cry and ignored all the Youtube comments. Oh Oh how very WRONG I was.

My image was completely destroyed that day. People on the computers next to me literally ran away since my eyes looked like they were evaporating and my nose was dripping like a broken tap.

So to avoid public humiliation like mine, prepare tissues before you start viewing. You have been forewarned!

If any of your eyeballs happen to flood out from it’s socket, first aid recommends you to keep the eyeball moist with either eye drops, contact lens solution or tap water. Next, CONTACT AN AMBULANCE! If you happen to live in a remote or rural area that cannot reach help within one hour, this is how you can replace your eyeball yourself:

“grip the skin of the upper and lower eyelids and pull forward. Lube the eyeball with petroleum jelly — be generous. As you pull the eyelids forward, the eye may just slide back into place. If it doesn’t snap right back into place, you’ll need an extra pair of CLEAN hands to gently push the eyeball in.”


However, I got this from a pet care blog … so i don’t know how reliable the information is. Good thing is that if you’re reading this, then the chances that your eyes are still intact is quite high!

So did you cry? Let us know below. If you are one of the rare human species that lack tear ducts … well then, you’re forgiven. Everyone else … you are heartless.




5 thoughts on “Can I make you CRY within a few minutes?

  1. I remember watching the 1st video in my college day, during lecture break…and wasn’t able to going into the next lecture since My eyes literally swelling as big as ping pong ball…+ the red, and the snort… I wasn’t wanna embarrassing my self

    All this insurance CF will make you cries *guarantee*snorting*

    • Haha I’m glad you had an experience similar to mine! I watched the “Daddy” one first and my eyes have never been the same again. I wonder how Thailand citizen survive though? Imagine any of these CFs popping up when you’re watching the Brady Bunch…

  2. +_+ my eyes….
    These were all so sad! But good stories..I wish we had amazing commercials like this here in America..

  3. i’ve watched all of it,and i cried..even just read what u wrote it brings my tears out,again T_T. i dunno that Thai could be sooo creative just to make a commercial just like a movie trailler. btw have u watched a grandpa whom always playing a violin in his wife’s graveyard? watch that,the violin sound just soo beautiful *tears r out*
    aah and u should watch their funny commercial too, it’s fab hillarious

    and btw this is my first time reading ur blog, and i like the way u write, what can i say, so ‘openly’ for everything that u gals write it down. salute!

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