Kim Nam Gil: Star of the Month

I came across Kim Nam Gil while watching the well acclaimed 2009/10 Korean historical drama Queen Seon Deok. Many critics have marked him as the “secret weapon” to the success of the drama. And, I simply can’t agree more! His extensive portfolio ensured strong performance skills, but the lack of popular projects marked him as a relatively unknown actor. Truth was I was severely disappointed by the first 30 episodes of QSD and could not understand why ratings had exceeded the 40% mark. Only reason I held my breath was because I didn’t want to waste the disc set I bought. The plot wasn’t very original compared to other historical dramas and the storyline was too slow. Kim Nam Gil, as Bidam, appeared around episode 23. I can’t say he saved the drama, since Ko Hyun Jung made a superb comeback, but HE SAVED THE DRAMA! To those that haven’t watched it, I won’t ruin it for you…or should I? But this one is definitely suited for the patient viewer, with it having 62 hour-long episodes. It does get very exiting and worthwhile towards the end with friendship, love, action, politics, stunning visuals and mind games in store. I have yet to check out any other projects completed by Kim Nam Gil but I can tell he is a serious actor and one to keep an eye out for. He may not be drop dead gorgeous at first sight, but his face and various facial expressions will capture you.

Kim Nam Gil as Bidam

KNG is currently serving his military sentence as a public service worker at the Gangnam-gu office in Seoul. However, he has asked fans specifically not to randomly show up at his workplace and demand to meet him. (Like we would!?! Scoffs. Moi?) Apart from being down to earth, he is suffering from exhaustion and has trouble with his internal organs. I say, just drop by everyday and make some excuse about a distant relative, who happens to be working there. Did i mention very distant? Flutter those eyelashes girls. ;P

Prior to his enlistment, he took numerous volunteer positions with charities. Hobbies include basketball, soccer and the flute. Regarding girlfriends, he likes women who are slightly older than him and within a 5 year range. Prefers the elegant, calm, womanly and family type such as actresses Lee Yo Won and Lee Young Ae. Since they’re both married, there no need to fret readers! To guys that might be interested, KNG acted as a gay in the No Regret, so that might of sparked his inner homosexual. And to those young ladies that cannot cook, Nam Gil had a dating rumor with Tiffany of SNSD. Theres no smoke without a fire. And, i bet she can’t cook!

Left: Lee Yo Won, Right: Lee Young Ae

To prove his growing popularity, Kim Nam Gil was mentioned in numerous 2011 drama productions. In My Princess starring Kim Tae Hee, Kim Nam Gil was listed as KTH’s dream horse riding instructor. He was also Dok Go Jin’s rival in The Greatest Love and was mentioned in the last episode of Secret Garden. Need i say more?

Kim Nam Gil as Do Ko Jin's rival in The Greatest Love

Oh… actually did i also mention that he is a pretty decent singer? Check out Can’t i love you? Not the catchiest of all songs, but Kim Nam Gil soft vocals managed make it sound poignant and melancholic.

Kim Nam Gil’s Profile

D.O.B: 13 March 1981

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Star Sign: Pieces

Previously as known as: Lee Han

Family: Parents and younger brother

Television Shows:

Bad Guy (SBS, 2010)

Personal Preference (MBC, 2010) cameo

Queen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009)

Terroir (SBS, 2008)

Several Questions That Make Us Happy (KBS2, 2007)

When Spring Comes (KBS2, 2007)

Lovers (SBS, 2006)

Goodbye Solo (KBS2, 2006)

Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)


Lovers Vanished (2010)

Hand Phone (2009, cameo)

Portrait of a Beauty (2008)

Modern Boy (2008)

Kang Chul Jung : Public Enemy 1-1 (2008)

No Regrets (2006)

Don’t Look Back (2006)

Low Life (2004)

If you would like to know more about him, simply post below and I’ll try to help. If you can read Korean, Kim Nam Gil’s official fan club True Eyes probably has all the answers. I also recommend and If anyone finds his official English fan page, please let me know!



5 thoughts on “Kim Nam Gil: Star of the Month

  1. Nicely said. At first, I did skip many episodes of the Great Queen Seon Deok. Then, the last scene where Bi-Dam dies …suddenly caught my attention. KNG was just extraordinary. He reminded me of the traditional heroes, ancient kings and queen of long ago. I then went to watch the whole movie. Even if slow, the plot kept me watching.

    I realized that Kim Nam Gil is really a great actor, very similar to French actors with excellent acting skills, and no fear at taking complex roles like the one in No Regrets where I played a homosexual. He can play modern roles as well as traditional role in the historical dramas. It’s an actor that has something to bring out in each film. I really love that kind of actors with the alive curiosity and romanticism, at the same time, being capable to transcend their roles. I look forward to watching all his movies.

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