The next Super Junior leader is…

With Leeteuk departing for the army (and shedding many tears along the way), the position of Super Junior leader has been left open for the taking. Some may argue that the position will be preserved for Leeteuk upon his return (after all, the group is mature enough to function without a leader). On the other hand, it is also interesting to speculate who might take the top job. Below are much reasonable and unreasonable arguments rejecting members before reaching my ultimate conclusion. And this may be completely off topic and insensitive but I wonder what Leeteuk would look like with a crew cut  hahahaha.


If leadership was determined by age alone, then the logical answer to our question would be Yesung. However, if we were to consider the practicality of such an arrangement then Yesung fails; since Yesung is only 1 year younger than Leeteuk, he will be departing for military service before Leeteuk comes back. And while he strangely seems to be getting more and more attractive, I can’t get over the fact that he used to collect bugs for a hobby *ewwwww*.


Siwon seems like someone who, if given the chance, you would vote as school captain (who wouldn’t want that face representing their school?). However, he doesn’t really…talk much on TV … and is a bit too horny in concerts for my liking. Siwon also seems to be the great disappearing man of Super Junior with his acting commitments often conflicting with his Super Junior duties. It is not unusual to see Siwon absent from live performances or the dance scenes of some music videos (such as Super Junior M’s “Perfection”).


He’s a bit short (sorry) and his nun-chuck skills scare me. Actually, sometimes his stare alone just scares me…even in his woodland fairy get-up for Sexy, Free & Single.


Kangin appears to be a solid choice since he has already completed his military duty. However, his previous scandal and the fact that he was been absent from group activities for 2 years means that his popularity has declined. It wasn’t so long ago that he looked like someone’s dad, rather than a Kpop idol and don’t get me started on his current awkwardness on stage.


Sorry for all the fans out there but I don’t think he has the maturity to act as leader. But he has a beautiful face.


Oh Dear God. I shudder with fear at what would happen if Kyuhyun were to become leader. He would probably shade over everyone with his power, making the rest of the members cook his Ramen, polish his keyboards and giving him hand massages after hours of gaming.


I once recall Shindong saying that if he were to be in the centre of Super Junior, then the band would forever be known as a ‘fat group’. I agree with his statement.

And soo…we are left with Eunhyuk

I think that if Super Junior were to have a leader, it would be Eunhyuk (by default), and for the simple reason that he seems to be getting A LOT of attention lately. The turning point was the blonde hair in “Mr.Simple”, which I heard messed up some bias lists pretty badly. Nonetheless, if he is made leader then I hope he keeps his head deflated and ignore the comments that he only looks good when ‘hair covers his face’ or when ‘you can’t see his eyes’.

So who do you think the next leader will be? Or will there be none at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 😀

opps…and I forgot to mention Ryeowook. Arghhh my bad…



10 thoughts on “The next Super Junior leader is…

  1. You can shoot me if I’m wrong, but the other day I recalled watching Suju on a show called Super Junior Foresight, and Kyu, Teukie, AND Yesung seemed to vote Eunhyuk as the least loyal member. Lol..I’m not sure if they were joking or not..(probably were) but it seems strange that they’d say that, so I kinda believe there is at least SOMETHING that makes them say that (even jokingly), that wouldn’t make Eunhyuk the best leader. Plus..I think he’d let Donghae get away with too much. ;D lol.. But personally after reading this I agree with most of them, especially the part about Yesung and Donghae not being mature enough. ^^ And also think Shindong would do a good job, despite them being seen as the “fatty group”. Also..Viva SuperKyu Junior!!! 😀

    • HAHAHAH your first sentence made me laugh 😀 Yeah I recall watching that. I think it was the same episode that they said Donghae was the most devoted member because he always sheds tears 😀 I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe there won’t even be a new leader :S

      • I think, Yesung is capable for the job.Because as we know Yesung is Leader in SUJU KRY. And he is like a father in suju, specially for two his lovely brother, wookie and kyu. And for Eunhyuk, suju have ever told that Leetuk almost never foght with other members except Eunhyuk. Only Eunhyukkkk. SO????

  2. Hahaha this is so interesting…somehow I got a feeling that the next leader would be sungmin or eunhyuk..let see about that 😉

  3. I have read this article like almost a year after it was posted, and I just want to point out that YOU PREDICTED IT RIGHT. haha! Well, it was eventually Eunhyuk who temporarily took hold of Leeteuk’s position as leader, and he’s doing well.

    But honestly, I don’t think they really need a leader. I mean even when Leeteuk’s around, he wasn’t really a leader at all. He is a brother; and that’s what Hyuk’s practicing nowadays. I guess that’s the greatest thing about the group.

    I said a lot, oops. Sorry! 🙂

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