Top 10 Interesting Korean Hotels

Recently I have caught the travel bug again!! LA LA LA! Unfortunately my bank account is begging me for mercy so I have been satisfying my cravings via photos. Earlier this year the Korean Tourism Organisation published an e-book entitled Korea’s 50 Most Unique Accommodations (click here).

Below are my top 10 favourites (please note that all information has been sourced from the ebook). There are strange hotels out there from ones without electronics, to ones where you may be able to bump into your favourite celebrity. Enjoy!

#10 Phoenix Island

The Phoenix Island resort is situated in Seopjikoji and one of it’s most distinguishing features is the large pyramid shaped club house designed by architect Mario Botta. Inside the pyramid is 7 metre stainless steel sphere and the building is situated so that visitors can admire nature’s beauty in all four directions.

#9 Lotte Buyeo Resort

I must confess that the shopaholic gave out a little gasp when I read the title and my eyes immediately glazed over with a ‘caaan it be???’ expression. While I was imaging floors upon floor of shopping, the reality is actually quite different. The resort is located in Buyeo, the last capital of Baekje and therefore has strong ties to Korean history and culture. It is seen to be a place to both relax and discover more about Korean culture.

But my friends out there who are both learned and materialistic, have no fear; the resort plans to expand its facilities with a shopping outlet by 2014 😀

#8 Podo Hotel Pinx

The Podo Hotel Pinx (located on Jejudo Island) was designed by the renowned Japanese-Korean architect Jun Itami. The name of the hotel comes from the Korean word for ‘bunches of grapes’ (Podo) because the rooms were designed to be connected like grapes. For the skin care enthusiasts, you’ll be glad to know that guests of the Hotel are supplied with spring water containing the carbonate mineral Aragonite, which is known to be good for the complexion.

#7 Konjiam Resort

The Konjiam Ski Resort boasts of a 8 metres wide by 100 metre long artificial cave where over 100,000 bottles of wine can be stored (not good for recovering alcoholics). It is famous for being a ‘healing resort’ with custom designed out door spa programs aimed at balancing the mind and reliving stress. This sounds like my kind of resort: soaking in a hot spa with snow mountain views *ahhhh*.

#6 Jijihyang 

The name Jijihyang means ‘birthplace of paper’ and is aptly named since it is located in Paju Book City. The city itself was built ‘to create an environment where people, books and publishing in general are celebrated’. Instead of the usual things you may find in a hotel like TV, computers, DVD players etc, the lobby and rooms are actually filled with books. So say good bye to Facebook and take out a pair of reading glasses.

#5 Sancheong Hanbang Resort

When I was little I wanted to be a fairy, and it seems that as an adult, I may finally get to live out that dream (because we all know that fairies sleep on mushrooms). The Sancheong Hanbang Resort is built in the shape of mushrooms, with each unit named after a herb. The resort places a strong focus on herbal medicine with private herbal baths, bang jjimjibang (a Korean sauna with medicinal herbs) and red clay saunas. In fact, the resort is located near the birthplace of Heo Jun, a legendary Korean doctor who wrote one of the most important medical texts in Asian history. Well worth a visit.

#4 Bukchondaek

This hotel/home is located in Andong Hahoe Folk Village (a UNESCO World Heritage site). Bukchondaek as a Korean nobleman’s home with 72 rooms. What makes the stay interesting is that instead of walls, rooms are divided by doors which may be raised to create one large area. In keeping with it’s original designs, visitors also have to go outside to use the bathroom hehe.

#3 Morning Calm Village

If you like your Korean dramas and actors then this is the place you want to stay. Run by SIM Entertainment Agency, the Morning Calm Village is often the site of dramas and CFs and also holds outdoor concerts and fan-meetings. Movies are played constantly in the resort’s cafe (yay!) but if you’re feeling active then I’d say that this is a good place to start stalking your bias. It may be difficult to find the address so here it is: 295 Soho-ro ,Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do Province. The website is

#2 Alpensia Resort

OMG this place looks like a winter palace! Sooo Beautiful! I want! The Alpensia Resort is the only place in Korea that is equipped with a ski jump facility that meets international competition standards and will therefore play host to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. It is located 700 metres above sea level and comes complete with a Golf Village and water park (wow).

#1 Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht

If like me, the Titanic put the fear of cruise ships and icebergs in your soul, then this may be the resort for you. The inside of the hotel resembles a full scale 5 star cruise ship which means that you can take fancy pictures without the possibility of drowning. While you won’t get the experience of dolphins swimming with your ship, the resort is situated in an area with one of the best sunrise views of the country and it also comes with a Sky Lounge plus rotating floor.

#0 (an extra) Happy House Santorini

This resort, located on Jebudo Island is designed to mimic the look of Santorini in Greece.  Each building is also named after a real village in Santorini, and each room is equipped with Mediterranean-style tables and chairs. Perhaps the only thing that is lacking is the name 😛

Hope you guys enjoyed the list! My home now seems too inadequate booooo!!! 



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Interesting Korean Hotels

  1. OMG Alpensia Resort is just heavenlyyyyy. Wonder if kim yuna will stay there during the winter olympics. Maybe i start booking in advance?

    • I know aye! Even though I suck at skiing and am about as coordinated as a baby giraffe, I still want to stay there! And I love Kim Yuna as well 🙂

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