Video of the Week: North Korea’s SNSD?

An interesting article I came across this week talked about an elite girl group, apparently not too different from that of Girls Generation, that was currently active in North Korea. Being a communist country, you would expect that any form of social hierarchy to be severely discouraged. Interestingly enough, the wife of Kim Jong Eun, the current North Korean leader, is reported to be a member of the Wang Je San Light Music Band. Members were personally selected by Kim Jong Il for their beauty, social class, dancing skills and probably eyelash batting. Unfortunately/fortunately, all those selected are entitled to a lifelong membership to avoid leaking government sensitive information. Dodgy if you ask me. 😉

The good … Thumbs up for making undyed hair look beautiful. And, we don’t have to worry about a fallen nose during their rigorous dance sessions.

The bad … While I applaud the fast wardrobe changes, the not too subtle costume hiding leave all the performers looking at least 6 months. They should take a leaf out of Katy Perry’s California Girls concert.

What were your thoughts on their performance? Let us know!



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