Quick Look: Super Junior’s “SEXY, FREE & SINGLE”

On a serious note…I’m sure that in the past week, ELF’s all over the world have been practising their high pitched fan-girl screams in anticipation for Super Junior’s new track ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. While the title of the track sounds oddly like the personal bio of an online-dating hopeful, the song is doing well on both Youtube and Music Charts. “Sexy, Free & Single,” was composed and arranged by Danish songwriters Daniel “Obi” Klein, Thomas Sardorf and Lasse Lindorff with contributions from Devin Jamieson.

On a lighter note…I am sorry for my dirty thoughts but did anyone think that the building at the beginning of the MV resembled a giant penis? Anyone? No? Just me?

On an even lighter note…Now that Kangin’s back I guess they had to cut someone’s screen time. Not surprisingly that poor person was Shindong who had maybe a 2 second closeup throughout the entire MV.

The song:

I get the feeling that if I say anything negative some delusional ELF is going to track me down, kill me and skin me in order to make a sexy neck collar for their beloved Leeteuk. Nonetheless, the track wasn’t my cup of tea. It may have been all the auto-tuning but there was something very impersonal and detached about the delivery of the song. And who can forget the Engrish line that was repeated ever so often:

Sexy, free and single I’m ready too, Bingo

The dance:

At least they weren’t dancing in a box. Oh no, wait, they were. Not that I can really blame them. When you have enough members a the group to form your very own flash mob, there really aren’t many places you can film. Personally I’d like to find that box, put myself in it with Super Junior and seal the top (leaving small holes for oxygen and food). Anyways…as always, the dance was synchronised perfectly and I particularly liked the part where Eunhyuk glided across the floor.

The MV:

My favourite part of the MV – whenever the camera zoomed in on Yesung. Is it just me or are his eyes getting bigger?

My least favourite part of the MV – the weird ending with the jumps and special effects. What was with that? I bet that was the most expensive part of the MV.

The fashion:

With Kpop groups these days going slightly crazy with their fashion, hair and makeup I like the fact that the boys have kept it relatively simple. Yes, we have Sungmin wearing all manner of crazy spikes, and Leeteuk sporting a male Cat woman costume but at the end of the day, Super Junior is living proof that a simple black suit trumps all. Oh the hotness! *drools*

The maths?

A little bit of randomness for you but I read something very weird the other day. An ELF had single-handedly taken the time to devise a plan to make ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ reach over 70 million views on Youtube. The extract as follows:

The Sexy Free and Single music video can be played by one person (one computer) 288 times in 24 hours. To do this, the video must be put in a playlist and left open to play continuously. This means the music video can play all night, but make sure your computer does not go to sleep when left alone.
Considering that the goal is 700 million views and each fan is watching the video 288 times a day, it would take:

2,430,555 ELF to beat the record in 1 day.
810,185 ELF to beat the record in 3 days.
486,111 ELF to beat the record in 5 days.
347,222 ELF to beat the record in 1 week.

While I’m glad they took the time to work this out, can I just say: Do you not realise how expensive electricity is these days?!? Leaving your laptop on all night! Sesh! All your efforts have probably wasted more electricity than we saved during Earth Hour.


Personally, I don’t feel like Super Junior have grown as artists since their last comeback. I’m not really sure what type of image they were going for this time but there wasn’t a uniqueness about ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ that really distinguishes it from any other Kpop song out there. This time, it’s the reputation of the band selling the song when ideally, it should be the song enhancing the reputation of the band.

The MV for your enjoyment:



4 thoughts on “Quick Look: Super Junior’s “SEXY, FREE & SINGLE”

  1. Hahahah. I so love your side comments. Can’t say anything about the MV coz I haven’t watched it yet.

    That 700 million views mission is so absurd. It doesn’t make sense. Why would you let that video play overnight, not even watching it, just for the views?? Oh gosh. And ur so right, that would probably waste all the efforts made for the Earth hour.

    Will get back once I’ve watched it to give a more sensible comment. Hehe

  2. i agree with some of your points ^^ (in particular the penis part lol)
    but the problem with that kind of review is that you based your entire article on the title track and completely forgot about the album itself if you have at least listened to it.
    Because this album is a really good one and what saddens me is that most of people will just listen to one song they will love or not.
    Of course you have the right to not love it, after all it’s always a matter of taste, but the fact you say Super Junior has not grown up musically make me believe you have definitively not listen to the full album which honestly saddens me because they managed to do an album of very good quality this time ! Honestly last year i was very disappointed by Mr Simple album so i was not expecting something else this year but i was happily surprised since i’m really picky about music.
    Too bad there is so much posts like this these last days who already sentenced the album even before listen to it TT
    Anyway that was just my opinion ^^
    Have a good day !

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and for the feedback. Unfortunately this was merely a review of the title track and not the entire album. The quality of the other songs in the album have no bearing on the quality of this song (hence I didn’t see the need to mention them). And as I made no mention of the album, I don’t quite understand how I have ‘sentenced’ it.

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