Top Stories for JUNE

Ahhh sincerest apologies for not posting very much (i.e. nothing) for the past three weeks. Renee and I have had schedules comparable to that of a mainland Chinese kid before his university entrance exams; but perhaps minus the whipping and Asian parents chanting: ‘No Work = No Rice‘. Nonetheless our busy-ness means that we have missed out on a significant number of news stories and events, all of which we have an opinion on. Therefore we have decided to come up with a completely brilliant and original idea (which we did not steal from allkpop *coughs*) to summarise all the happenings in the past month.

Story: Kahi leaving ‘After School’ for solo career

Excuse me while I blow my nose because this is so damn sad. Kahi really put ‘After School’ on the radar for me and while I am all too familiar with their ‘graduation system’ I never thought that a leader (a.k.a the principal) could graduate. Nonetheless I will continue to support these girls, and I’m sure that the group will be well headed by new leader Jung-Ah.

Trend: Suzy the next ‘Yoona’?

After the new leading lady for Caribbean Bay was revealed to be Miss A’s Suzy I couldn’t help but compare her with SNSD’s Yoona. There are obvious similarities: clear skin, envious looks, doe eyes etc. And since I can hardly go a day without an article popping up about Suzy’s new hair, a new selca, a guest appearance, or the simple fact that she made yellow look cute, I think it’s safe to conclude that she’s the next ‘it’ girl.

Trend: The SM Entertainment ‘Male = Female’ concept

Come on guys, surely even diehard ‘I love SM even if they run over puppies‘ supporters have to agree with me that male hair extensions need to stop. I was just getting over Taemin’s cringe-inducing Sherlock teaser when BAM! my eyes hit the Super Junior teaser images. Sungmin looks like a little woodland fairy and Siwon looks like Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. *sigh*

Story: Ji Hyun Woo’s public love confession to Yoo In Na

Well well well, for all your romantics out there, Ji Hyun Woo‘s public declaration of love to his co-star Yoo In Na during a press conference was probably evidence that real life can, in fact, mirror that of a Korean drama. However, for the cynics out there (of whom I am one), Ji Hyun Woo’s actions were a bit, borderline…inconsiderate.

For some reason, I can’t help but feel that it’s Yoo In Na who has suffered as a result of this controversy. I wouldn’t be surprised if delusional Ji Hyun Woo fan girls had her assassination planned whether she rejects or accepts him, for either: 1) breaking their oppa’s heart or 2) stealing their oppa from them. Luckily his feelings have been reciprocated and the couple are now happily dating. However, next time, a private confession with perhaps roses and something sparkly (if you know what I mean) would be more appropriate.

Story: The comebacks of Wonder Girls, F(x) and Sistar

I’m so sad to have missed these comebacks but with my new found freedom, of course I Youtubed them straight away. Here’s my opinion of the three videos:

Wonder Girls ‘Like This’: I hated it. Despite all the money that was spent on it, the MV looked cheap (must be the clothing and weird light filter). Points for trying out a new concept but personally, I think it flopped.

F(x) ‘Electric Shock’: Sorry for sounding negative again but it was really flat. I didn’t feel the urge to get up and wave a taser around and the chorus was terrible: ‘e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e,e, electric shock’. SM please start spending more money on f(x) and stop shooting MVs in a fancy glowing box.

Sistar ‘Loving U’: Again, a lot of money was spent making this MV (more than $100,000 I believe). However, I can actually see where all the money went since they did go to Hawaii. Personally, I loved the song and video since I have a soft spot for road trip MVs and this one especially made me want to pack my bags and go on holidays.

Story: South Korean Actress Jung Ah-Yul committs suicide

Actress Jung Ah-Yul was reported to have committed suicide after suffering from severe depression. What I find disturbing about this story is the lack of professional help available to idols in the Entertainment Industry; particularly when you consider their work schedules and personal pressures. In a recent poll of 100 idols, 9 idols said that on average, they only had 1-2 hours of sleep and 31 idols said that they had only 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Read the article here (it’s in Korean though).

In Asia in particular, there is also a particular ‘taboo’ when it comes to talking about mental illness. I’m going to share a personal experience of mine: A friend from university suffered from severe depression during our second year, and would often tell me about his thoughts of suicide. However, despite his efforts to explain to his parents, they told him that he would ‘get over it‘ if simply he studied harder and tried harder to be happy. He ended up paying for all his medication and making his own way to counselling sessions. Clearly, clearly, clearly, there is a problem with the Asian mentality towards mental illness.

That wraps it up for the month of June. For everyone out there working, studying or stressing out about one thing or another, all the best. And also, does anyone know what happened to the Open World Entertainment’s CEO who was arrested for rape?



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