Video of the Week: SOAW

As I brushed my plastically wrapped Sunday paper from the morning dew, I found the day’s feature article to be about vibrators. Yes, you read correctly. Vibrators. For a second, I thought I had accidentally picked up my 80-year-old next door neighbor’s secret subscription to Playboy. That is … until I realized that the paper was laid approximately 1 meter from my front door and 2000km from hers.

Since mum was roaming around the house, I thought I’d better give the paper a miss for a couple of hours. (Just in case I started to randomly masturbate around my living room floor.) Looking for a good read, I innocently scoured the bestseller book list. Ranked first was Fifty Shades of Grey, followed by Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Intrigued by the success of the trilogy, I immediately downloaded the first ebook to my iPad. What I expected to be crime fiction, however, turned out to be an erotic fiction novel.

 So that got me thinking. Why is it that Western media is able to embrace the idea of sexual pleasure so freely, yet Asians look upon the concept with diverted eyes?  Apart from the superb build up of sexual tension in episode 8 of Scent of a Woman, I have never felt a tingling sensation in my stomach with any other Korean drama. Sure, the standard kisses are sweet but never leave me breathless.

The plot:


The scene:


Obviously, the scene is taken out of context so you might not agree with my personal opinion. Also, I would like to give a round of applause to for her fantastic work on the SOAW trailer (first video). Follow her on YT!

Which drama do you think has the Sexiest scene? Post up the Youtube link if you can!



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