Best Free Apps for Kpop Fans

Bored of your regular Apple or Andriod apps? I certainly am. There are only so many times I can unleash an angry bird, guess scribbles on Draw It, tap my fingers while waiting for mana levels to increase or be cheered up by the fact that I have a brain age of 14 years. So I’ve decided to roam into the foreign lands of Kpop apps that whisper the horrors of low definition, terrible English and constant crashes. My dangerous venture will reveal all. Brace yourselves.

App: Girls Generation Shake

My first download went to Girls’ Generation Shake. The rhythm game was released on the iTunes App Store on November 18th 2011 and subsequently climbed to #1 in the music game category in Korea and Taiwan and ranked 1st in the overall iTunes App Store chart in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Girls’ Generation Shake features SNSD various hit songs and tracks from ‘The Boys’ album.

The bad: I played the game on my iPad and the definition is pretty bad. The developers seemed to have targeted iPhones users, so iPad users were just given a stretched out version of the game. Some but minimal crashes.

The good:  The highlight of the game is that players can collect digital cards of their favourite member. Your performance after completing each play will be graded and a card will be awarded reflecting your grade. The better you get, the prettier and rarer are the cards. Unfortunately, though the app is free to download, you are only give 3 sample SNSD songs to play with. The rest will need some kaaching.

There are many shake games categorised by kpop groups, mostly developed by dooub Inc. They generally are quite similar in the execution. Big Bang and SJ‘s shakes are also free to download on Andriod devices.

App: Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll App is awesome! While, it is mainly an anime streaming app, popular korean dramas are also available for viewing. New anime is loaded frequently and all episodes have english subtitles. Works well for both Android and iTunes users.

The bad … There is about 1 minute of advertisements before the commencement of the episode but none in between. Additionally, the application is laggy under 3G. Those seeking kdrama may need to pay the registration fee. Anime and some Japanese dramas are free of charge.

The good … There is simply too many to list! No crashes, great english subtitles and when using wifi, the 720p HD simulcasts run smoothly. Best of all, all content is licensed and legal! I’ve got the app on my mobile and it’s great when you have indigestion 😛

App: Kpop Starz

Kpop Starz is a news app updating users of the happenings within the kpop industry. It also allows users to subscribe to fan clubs and reviews korean beauty products. Only available on iTunes.

The bad … Lags. Also, force closed twice. Again, suited for iPhones so, horrible definition for iPad users.

The good … Interactive layout and news updated quite frequently in english! Allows photos to be saved onto the device and encourages news sharing. A keeper.

App: Star Fashion 

Star Fashion by Hive It was released on 11 May 2012. This app aims to inform readers of the latest trends and styles korean stars are wearing. It takes into consideration the weather, condition and style of the wearer and recommends outfits from the information collected. Available on Andriod and iPhone.

The bad … Horrible Korenglish. Error messages are in Korean so I have no idea why the personal stylist doesnt work. Also, seemed more of a compilation of celeb pictures rather than actual fashion advice.

The good … Love the concept but the app is still in the development stages. They will need to upload quickly on the upcoming trends and styles to attract more subscribers. It’s good for users with a large wardrobe but lack inspiration.

App: Kpop Tweet

Kpop Tweet translates your favourite Korean stars’ tweets into English and provides mini korean classes. The application is served in English, Japanese and Korean. Available in App Store only.

The bad … The english at times sound like what I get from Google Translate … okay maybe slightly better. You get my point

The good … Great idea and a must download if you use Twitter to follow your favorite stars but have no idea what the Korean characters mean! Cough *me*

App: Arirang TV

Arirang TV is Korea’s english speaking network channel. Apart from broadcasting the latest world news, it also keeps viewers updated of the recent happenings of the korean entertainment industry. I recommend Pops in Seoul and Showbiz Korea. Access to previous episodes are also available.

The bad … The subtitles of previous recordings can get a bit too small.

The good … Very formal but modern way of educating foreigners of the past, present and expected future of South Korea. If you’re a fan of Dalmatian, you’re in luck. Group member Daniel is the current host for Pops in Seoul. Apart from broadcasting the latest music videos and scandals, the show also demonstrates key dance moves, teaches korean lyrics and explains the meaning of the songs showcased.

App: Pudding Camera

If you’re wondering why Koreans always have beautiful photos, look no further. Pudding Camera by KTH contains 8 different cameras and 8 different film types embedded within the app: Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Motion 2×2, Motion x4, Fisheye, Motion x2;  Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid. Beautiful effects. Available on both Andriod and Apple powered devices. Korean Celeb Face Match, Pudding’s sister app,seemed to have been blessed by the bad genes of the family. A step away from trash – Do not be tempted

The bad … Pudding Camera was previously only available in the Korean language. But now also offers English. I have nothing to say. Absolutely fantastic!

The good… Cannot believe this app is free! Stunning effects and camera fanatics will love this. The interface is also professional and clean. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to understand what all the dials mean. Just one look at the amount of awards they’ve received or the sheer number of downloads on Andriod will tell you that I’m not the only one going ga-gah for this app.

The ‘touch anywhere on screen to capture‘ function is also haven for those that love to take self portraits. Oh and did i mention that the app doesn’t need wifi to use? Which of course is equivalent to NO ADS!

Last but not the least. A word of warning before you commence downloading.

Do Not Become Too Reliant On Apps. Lack of concentration during reality may occur and severe withdrawal symptoms can lead to twitching hands, humming random songs during meetings, conducting conversations in your head and ultimately NO friends.

Which Korean entertainment related app is your personal favourite? Share it with us! And, why?



7 thoughts on “Best Free Apps for Kpop Fans

  1. Thanks, I didn’t even know there were so many k-pop related goodies on the market! Any idea how to turn off the sound of pudding camera though? It’s a perfect app sans the loud sound then…

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to disable the shutter sounds on Pudding Camera at the present time. Maybe the developers will add the feature in the next update if you spam their comments section? 😀

  2. It’s a shame that I could only watch 5 episodes from Dramafever 😦 Although, there’s one app and it’s only available in singapore store. It’s called Maaduu HD 🙂 The video quality is good, and the English subtitle is perfect 🙂

  3. new k-pop app. called “Fansome”(android ver.), good to sharing k-pop’s photo and easy to communicated with ppl!!!

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