Why new band “Cross Gene” made me cringe

This is going to be an extremely short post, because I want to share the cringe worthy information without actually bothering with a full review of their new MV. [I’m lazy and I know it]

Now, whenever a new band comes out, their title track/MV usually makes or breaks them in my mind. If I’m sufficiently impressed by the song or if I find them (for lack of a better word) HOT, then I’d professionally stalk them. Even before their debut, I was intrigued by Cross Gene as the group features members from different racial backgrounds: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The MV for their title track “La-Di-Da-Di” was released earlier today and let’s just say that these boys are pretty attractive. HOWEVER, their personal bios killed it for me.

If you’ve been on the official site, then perhaps you’ve been too mesmerised by the boys’ faces to pay attention to the text written under them. If you’ve read the text, then you’ll probably be in the same cringey-feutal position that I’m in at the moment. Why? See for yourselves (sorry for the poor quality of the images – hope you can still read the small print):

Honestly, bios likes these need to be shot. Other than making me laugh my ass off, I can’t seem to get it out of my head that they’re simply a wannabe male version of Sailormoon.


Nic [with sincere apologies to all the loyal & budding Cross-Gene fans out there].

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