My K-Entertainment Wishes

WISH #1: For SNSD to release a Diet and Exercise Book

Why I want it: SNSD’s figures are pretty much the envy of all girls alive. I drool over Yuri’s abs whenever she’s on stage and let’s not even begin to mention Sooyoung’s legs. Although genetics can be blamed, a lot of it is training, nutrition etc. I want a comprehensive book which details all of SNSD’s diet and exercise plans (not just the ti-bits that they dosh out here and there). Also, they could have a video with it, which demonstrates exercises and dance tutorials of their songs.

Why it would be impossible: Hmm would it be impossible? I mean, why shouldn’t they? Perhaps it would sell out even faster than their albums. Unless of course it’s what we all suspected: they only eat lettuce…in which case the book would be very short (jks).

WISH #2: For a member of DBSK or JYJ to release a tell-all autobiography

Why I want it: because it would be so damn interesting! The members came from such humble backgrounds and ended up being “THE” Kpop Group, until the split at the height of their fame. DBSK also trained with Super Junior and probably witnessed a lot of the dynamics of what goes on inside an entertainment agency. I want to know whether they have any real regrets, I want to know about abuse inside SM (bullying, fights, restrictive policies etc), how hectic their schedules really were. It should be better than an episode of “Strong Heart”.

Why it would be impossible: it would be career suicide (no one wants to go against scary Lee Soo Man), and would completely blow the k-entertainment industry wide apart. Can you imagine the weeks of discussions, controversies and cyber fights that would ensue? Not to mention it’s potential to damage the image of SM Entertainment and affect other artists that are mentioned.

WISH #3: For an Idol & Non-Idol “We Got Married”

For those who don’t know what ‘We Got Married’ is, it’s pretty much pairing two people up and making them live as husband and wife.

Why I want it: because how else would a non-idol have a chance with an idol? Plus, viewership would be so damn high 😀 Could you image what would happen if TVXQ’s Yunho went on it? Or Kim Hyun Joong? Or Rain? Or T.O.P? *ahahaha dances with giddiness*

Why it would be impossible: the safety of the non-idol would be at risk (I mean, it’s not like they have their own loyal fan base to protect them). Also, all the extremely famous idols won’t be able to participate since the couple will be stalked everywhere they go. However, Mnet Scandal (back in the day) managed to make it work with Lee HongKi and Nichkhun so I don’t see why we can’t resurrect it now.

WISH #4: For an impartial plastic surgeon to examine idol’s faces

Why I want it: It would finally put to rest all the plastic surgery rumours that get attached to idols whenever neitzens are feeling particularly observant or vindictive. Plus, it would be interesting to see what they’ve had done; perhaps some of the procedures aren’t even available to the public 😀

Why it would be impossible: for obvious privacy reasons and the fact that agencies won’t let plastic surgeons get anywhere near these idols.

WISH #5: Can’t think of anymore…Brain is too sleepy…

What are your Top 5 K-pop Wishes?? No wishing for more wishes and no wishing for you and your bias to get married hehe.



9 thoughts on “My K-Entertainment Wishes

    • ohhh that’s interesting! but alas! I also can’t read Korean 😦 I really want to know how Park Bom gets her really nice legs, unless she’s just genetically blessed…

  1. first; i love love this blog!!
    your wish 3 made me cry like really cry and why couldn’t it happen i am more than willing to take the risk btw can u plz tell me about the mnet scandel what is it??
    top 5 k-pop wishes:
    _i wish that my coutry have a korean concert( can not happen 😥 )
    _i wish that oh won bin get back with ft island
    _i wish that all stars tell us who their gf’s/bf’s are (they all probably have 1 but the agencies doesn’t let them tell)
    _i wish that all by fav stars get casted for an awesome series!
    _i wish to know my fav stars real personnalities

    • Awww I love your wishes! My biggest pet peeve was when they announce a concert in my area and then cancelled it at the last minute. I was like *huffing* and *puffing* haha. And OMG I wan’t to know who all their gfs and bfs are too. Although I’m not sure if my heart could take it :P.
      Btw, Mnet Scandal is where they paired up an idol with a common girl to go on a couple of dates. At the end they can decide whether or not they want to continue to date. Lee Hong Ki and Nichkhun have both been on it but here’s the Youtube link for Lee Hong Ki:

      • OMG! Mnet scandel is all i have ever wished for!!!!!
        thank you so much for the link 🙂 !! but is it over or not?

      • Haha you’re welcome. I was so excited when I discovered it as well but unfortunately it’s over. There should be a revival though, especially with so many idols getting old and needing to date 😉

  2. lol my wishes would be :
    1) I wish that Jaejoong will make an autobiography
    2) I wish that idols can date openly without having fans going crazy
    3) I wish SM would make manhwa version of EXO’s “superheroes” stories based on MAMA Music Video/concept
    4) I wish there’s either a movie or a book about kpop industry’s darkest secrets
    5) I wish there’s also a book about korea’s beauty secrets in transforming idols from ugly ducks to gorgeous swans… It’s amazing how they can transform normal people(some idols weren’t even close to good-looking during their pre debut days, some even ugly) to become this fabulous.

    and to end all of that, i just want to say that your blog is so lovable and it love reading it 🙂

    • Ohhh I would love it if number 4 ever got published/released. I bet there’s so many dirty secrets and at the very least we would get to know who is dating who and who is gay hahahahaha
      And I completely agree with number 5. Sometimes when I look at an idol’s pre-debut photos I’m just like o.O…surely this can’t be the same person 😛

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