Saddest Kpop MVs

I’m not sure whether or not I stand alone in saying this, but MVs these days bore me. It seems that more and more videos simply comprise of complex choreography, weird costume changes and story lines which are exhausting to decipher. Gone are the days where the true uniqueness of a Kpop MV laid with it’s touching storyline. Now, the boy bands are battling it out to see who can have the weirdest concept and the female artist are competing for the sexiest title. Please producers! Stop this madness!

With these videos, I hope to take you back to the days when you used to sit weeping in front of your computer thinking: ‘oh god how could anyone produce something this sad’ and ‘must . not . cry’.

Kiss “Because I’m a Girl”

The story: Boy meets girl and they fall in love. An incident happens where she spills his photography acid into her eyes and becomes blind. Out of love, he decides to donate his eyes to her, knowing that if he did so he would never be able to do the things that he loves anymore (like photography, riding on motorbikes etc).

The most shattering part was the ending when he walks past her without knowing who she is. *Sobs*

Big Bang “Haru Haru”

The story: G-Dragon’s girlfriend (played by Park Min Young) is diagnosed with cancer. Not wanting him to suffer she pretends to cheat on G-Dragon with T.O.P so that he will hate her. Eventually T.O.P reveals to G-Dragon that Park Min Young only loved G-Dragon but it is too late. She dies without G-Dragon having the chance to say goodbye.

This is one of those MVs that leaves your keyboard covered with tears and your parents wondering why you’re crying and whimpering noises in your bedroom.

SG Wannabe “Partner of my life” (Part 1 & 2)

The story: Dongwan works for a mafia-style organisation whose ‘boss’ is standing trial. The organisation kidnaps the police prosecutor’s wife in order to force the prosecutor to drop the charges. The wife is left in Dongwan’s care and they fall in love.

However, the prosecutor continues the trial and convicts the ‘boss’. The mafia organisation, in an act of revenge, straps a bomb to the prosecutor’s wife. Dongwan tries to save her but is shot and she blows herself up so as to die with him.

This story is honestly so bloody sad *wipes tears*. I love the part when Dongwan goes out and buys expensive food for her :D.

2AM “You wouldn’t answer my calls”

Story: Seulong is in the present day. His girlfriend was murdered in a home invasion days ago but all of a sudden he receives a call from her (time travel etc.). As it turns out she is calling him on the date of her murder. He’s on the phone begging her not to answer the door (thereby letting in her attacker) but she thinks that he’s joking with her. As a result, Seulong fails in his attempt to save her.

The first time I watched this I thought: ‘Silly girl! Your boyfriend is hysterical! Listen to him!’. The second time I watched this I was wiping my face with a paper towel.

Park Bom “You and I”

The story: Park Bom is in love with a terminally ill boy. She dreams of getting married and starting a family with him, but knows that he only has a short period of time to live. After he dies she finds a portrait of herself in his sketchbook along with the words: ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you’.

The scene where she reveals the giant christmas tree had me sobbing my heart out. I have no idea why. It was just so goddam bittersweet.

Rain “Love Story”

The Story: Rain is an arrogant young man who works for a mafia boss. He meets a girl (played by Ha Ji Won) one night and moves to her place. However, he finds out that she actually works as an escort (correct me if I’m wrong) for his boss. His boss rapes her and he goes to get revenge, despite the fact that she is leaving the country. Rain ends up dying at the airport, not being able to say goodbye to Ha Ji Won who believes that Rain never cared for her.

Ga In “Irreversible”

Story: Ga-In used to work as a prostitute but is rescued by a potential client. They live together for a period of time but he realises that he’s not good for her. He leaves her a bag of money to start a new life but she refuses to leave. Ga-In attempts to commit suicide and kills the man in the process, only realising afterwards that he still cared for her. Her actions are ‘irreversible’.

I’m not really sure why I like this MV so much but I felt really really touched by it the first time I saw it.

F.T Island “A Man’s first love & Only One”

Story: Too complicated to write down but you’ll get it after watching the MV.

I have to say that when Renee first showed this video to me I had to pretend I didn’t like it. Lee Hongki looked like such a girl and I didn’t care for FT Island at the time. Nonetheless I was secretly crying on the inside. This is actually only part two of the entire MV because I liked this story much more than Part 1.

Are there any other MVs out there that have made you weep and wail and believe in love again? Let us know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Saddest Kpop MVs

  1. while I agree with most of the music videos you write here, I must add one: the music video of Park Hyo Shin After Love starring Park Shi Yeon and (late) Park Yong Ha is damn sad — though honestly the theme of the MV is not unique. It’s a tale of lovers, the man knows he’s going to die from incurable disease, prepares a present for his wife for her next birthday – birthday he won’t be able to attend. but also about friendship between Park Yong Ha and Park Hyo Shin, and Yong Ha’s one sided love to Shi Yeon.. it’s like a movie on its own…

    • OMG that was so SAD! I was sobbing so hard by keyboard was dripping with tears. Why can’t kpop stars these days make videos like this? *sigh*

  2. I actually found Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ to be a little sad.. It took my a moment to understand the story since I hadn’t looked up the translation of the lyrics, but once I realized that GD framed himself so the woman wouldn’t go to jail I was sad. He loved her that much to seal his life away.

    Also, Brown Eyed Girl’s video for Sign was sad. That one was harder to get, and I watched it like fifteen times cause it seemed like it came out a movie. Since I think knowing the plot takes away the feeling, I’ll just advise you to watch it.<3

    • Wow I can’t believe I’ve listened to Sign so many time but I’ve never actually watched the MV. So did the old guy use b.e.g as bait to lure the good guy there and then force the good guy to stab him so as to pass on the curse? It was so sad when he was trying to break the glass but she had already died 😦
      And yeah, both Lies and Haru Haru gets me crying every time.

  3. “It Hurts” By 2NE1 made me sad. I don’t speak Korean,so I couldn’t tell what they were saying,but Dara conveyed feelings of loneliness and love just by the way she looked.

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