Quick Look: Big Bang “MONSTER”

On a serious note…Big Bang’s single “Monster” is part of their “Still Alive” Album and since it’s release, has achieved an “all-kill” on real time music charts. The song is written by leader G-Dragon, with the rap composed by T.O.P. The tempo of the song changes throughout (from fast rapping to soft melodies), with each interchange adding an additional layer of complexity. In saying that though, the song strikes a fine line between ‘interesting’ and ‘too disjointed’.

On a lighter note…Taeyang’s hair killed me. It’s now officially worse than G-Dragon’s ‘love heart’ hair during the T.O.P&GD “High High” days.

The MV:

What can I say except: I am disappointed. Now I can’t fault a specific element of the MV; everything in that 4:44 minutes was pretty much flawlessly executed. However, the perfect execution of an unoriginal concept doesn’t hit the spot for me. When I first saw the teasers for “Monster” I was blown away, but the actual MV did not offer anything extra. It simply combined the traditional elements of an action scene: explosions, wreckage, sand etc. with the whole ‘a monster is chasing me‘ concept.

However, this isn’t a traditional MV where you have shots of each member followed up by group dance scenes. “Monster” is made up entirely of solo shots and is symbolic of the fact that each member faces a different ‘inner demon’. In that sense, it is a relatively ‘private’ MV experience.

The Meaning (?):

The Song: The lyrics speak of a falling out between a man and a woman. The man has suffered a scandal and as a result, the public sees him as a monster (perhaps this is in reference to the Big Bang incidents of late 2011). He expresses his pain by saying: ‘Everyone may look at me with judging eyes, but what really hurts is the fact that you have become a part of that ‘everyone.’

The MV: The setting looks like a training complex where the members of Big Bang are being monitored and tested. They seem to be a part of a scientific experiment where each person being turned into monsters against their will. The members have serial numbers on their bodies and the cameras label them as ‘monster project’.

Is the MC a metaphor for the Entertainment Industry? Is is symbolic of the lack of choice that artists sometimes have in exercising their will? Does it refer to being chased by our ‘inner’ monster, by the person who we don’t want to become? Who knows.

Either that or the entire MV is about a psychotic person whose in denial.

The fashion & hairstyles:

We all know that Big Bang likes to push the boundaries when it comes to hairstyles and fashion but I think that they may have taken it a bit too far this time.

1) OMT! – Oh My Taeyang! What have they done to you? I understand that a mohawk does not give the hairdresser much artistic licence but…*sputters*…this can’t be…I’m going to go back to bed. And then I’m going to wake up and convince myself that this has just been a terrible nightmare.

2) I want to go mushroom picking now, since I might pick up a G-Dragon. First he had his seaweed hair…now he has his mushroom hair. What does he want me to do? Make a soup?

3) Are the piercings real? I have to say that that from my experience, this is the first Kpop MV that has members supporting lip and nose piercings. While G-Dragon’s lip thingo looks…nice, I can’t say the same for Daesung.

I never thought I’d live to see the day when nose piercings could also double up as a weapon. Next thing you know, Daesung takes out someone’s eye during a live performance.

4) Contacts: The contact lenses freaked me out at first, but grew on me as the MV progressed. It suited the theme and gave the Big Bang members an eery and supernatural look. But note to producers: T.O.P’s eyes are already lethal enough. No need to give them even more power okay? 😛

Conclusion: not my favourite Big Bang song but I liked the meaning behind it. The lyrics seemed heartfelt and even though the acting seeming stilted and forced at times, the atmosphere was good and the video is comparable to that of a trailer for a Hollywood action flick. As always, the MV for your viewing pleasure:



18 thoughts on “Quick Look: Big Bang “MONSTER”

  1. Laughed all the way through this review. Good one! The whole thing was just weird. I’m glad you pointed out the things like the numbers/codes glowing in their skin, I thought they were doing smth like that of in ‘In Time’. If the real meaning of the MV is like what you said, about people trying to make them Monsters and such, then I guess they did put some thought in making this MV.

    The fashion/look was so over-the-top, but then it’s Big Bang, nothing new with that. I could digest GD’s mushroom hair, but Taeyang’s…omg I can’t. And the nose piercings..they’re awful too. But the song as a whole is really good. Won’t watch this MV again…well if I want some good laugh I will.

    • Ohhhh I never thought about ‘In time’ but now that you’ve pointed it out, they might’ve taken inspiration from it. And I think that most sane people are probably reeling over Taeyang’s hair. Only the die-hard die-hard fans might be able to convince themselves that it looks ‘chic’ HAHAHA.

  2. Thank you for noting Taeyang’s hair! I felt like no one else noticed the fruit-roll-up hairdo!!
    I couldn’t take him seriously with his hair like that. I wonder if anyone used it as binoculars? LOL

    Other than that, and the beginning of the MV (naturally, I was hungover when I first saw the MV…I barely managed to make it to the actual song without getting motion sick, haha), I was impressed by this song and found the MV to be intriguing

    • HAHAHA omg binoculars?!? Pure Genius! Taeyang’s hair is a crime in itself. If they ever compiled an international list of people with terrible hairstyles I think we know who’d be #1 😛
      And you’re completely right about the beginning of the MV; made me dizzy as well

  3. I was wondering if you had any views on what kind of ‘monsters’ they are? I figure Daesung is a beast/werewolf thing, GD a demon/angel mix (from the fiery red to the pure white hair) and TOP…possibly a vampire? The other two I cannot place at all. What do you think?

    Also, I think you touched on some good points. As much as I loved the song and MV, reading this review has really made me think of it more in-depth ^^

    • Hmmm that’s really interesting! I never really considered that but I agree with you about GD and Daesung. And since TOP has a giant black cape, he’s probably the vampire. It’s hard to seungri and taeyang since they both have the ‘crazy’ person binds on them. Perhaps one of them is a mad scientist?

      • Taeyang looked like Edward Scissorhands and Seungri’s face had cracks so it’s hard to figure out.. It’s interesting to think that one may be a mad scientist, though. This MV really makes me think!

      • Taeyang its a minotaur if you ask me, cos of the dual hair and the pointy earings signifying the horns of the bull.
        GD saw it as a half demon cos of the white and red and the single red horn, TOP vampire, daesung beast probably werewolf. seungri i don’t know, i thought about some kind of mummy thing cos of the straps and the lines on his face but i don’t know…
        I liked the video, excepts for taeyang’s and GD’s hair, and daesung nose piercing but i loved it and also the song ^^

    • I actually thought Seungri was Frankenstein. He had numbers on his forehead and lines on his face, like he was stitched together.

    • I agree with you on GD and Daesung… But I think T.O.P is suppose to be a giant as you can see at 2:40 there a girl at the bottom of his (T.O.P) feet,probably why he is bigger than the mountains, and because he is looking down. I don’t know about the other 2 😛

  4. Why is Tae Yang’s hair such a big deal. It’s just for effect. The points expressed in the MV shouldn’t be overshadowed by the appearance of Big Bang. They are portraying monsters, not fashion icons. Apart from that, the points you raised were good.

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