Video of the Week: Korean Makeup Tutorial

In May of this year, the Seoul Tourism Organization organised for a second Korean Makeup Class to take place at the Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Centre. The classes were aimed at foreign travellers who were interested in Korean skincare and makeup in order to achieve the ‘Korean Idol’ look. The image of a light pearly complexion, soft eyes and natural brows, has been popularised by Korean dramas and Music, resulting in consumers such as myself snapping up foreign brands such as Laneige, Skinfood, Etude House, Face Shop etc etc.

While I don’t have a video from those classes, this week’s Video of the Week is a makeup tutorial by professional makeup artist “jungsaemmool”. It is a natural ‘everyday’ look that is perfect for work or university. Watch it to avoid makeup mishaps like the ‘white caste’ ghost look and/or contouring blunders.

Now, I have a procrastination problem which means that I’ve watched my fair share of makeup videos. However, the technique in this one stood out for me. While the look seems effortless and flawless you can clearly see the amount of product you have to use to get it. *Sigh* this is probably why SNSD looks so perfect all the time.

And is it just my eyes or was she applying makeup to Kim Tae Hee in the introduction?



One thought on “Video of the Week: Korean Makeup Tutorial

  1. I live in the uk and I do love the korean idol makeup style, I also like stylenanda’s makeup style but can’t find many tutorials on it
    Koreans seem to really know how to use makeup and hair to make people look perfect..

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