Quick Look: G.Na 2HOT

I don’t say this often but this music video is scorching HOT! With Hyori now free-falling into the lands of the uncool and beast hugging, a new smexy queen is being searched across the kpop land. And once throned, her reign will be absolute. G.Na has bravely stepped into the battle arena with her doe legs and baboon boobs, capturing the hearts of numerous simple citizens. Her greatest rival? Hyuna. Choose wisely my friends. The next decade of magazine covers, commercials and excess newspaper coverage are at stake.

On a serious note: 2Hot was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun Seung. Though i think G.na’s strong vocals weren’t showcased to its maximum potential, the song was extremely catchy and dance-2able. Double thumbs up for the retro but musical theatre-like sound emphasised by the brass elements and rhythmical melody.

On a lighter note: Could just be me playing too many games, but the intro strangely sounded like a combination of the Tiny Towers’ and Super Mario’s soundtracks. But the thing that made absolute no sense to me is … why are the uber smoking and chiseled “firefighters” holding up hammers? I seriously feel sorry for Korea’s tax payers.

 Hair & Make Up:

The most notable addition to G.na is her two-toned pink wavy ‘doll hair’.The warm colours are prefect for the coming warm season in Seoul and heavy do hides G.na’s abnormally small face. F(x) did the two toned hair back in 2010 with Nu ABO. However, unlike F(x), G.na managed to make the look seem sexy and mature with the addition of heavy bangs, conditioned hair and neat waves. F(x) look reflected the group’s youth and had more of a wild street kids feel.

G.na’s makeup goes for a sultry look with a focus on her eyes and lips. However, in one of the scenes, the makeup artist decided to use a two toned blush on the diva. Since G.na is skinny to begin with, the makeup made her look gaunt and bruised.

How you can achieve hotness:

Throughout the song, the flaming Prada Rocket Shoes kept popping into my head. 🙂 Pairing these up with a mini or even jeans will give you a retro, yet polished look. However, you’ll need to dig deeply into your wallet. These beauties come with a hefty price tag!

After seeing what wrangler jeans can do to a butt, I went on my own mini shopping spree yesterday. However, i found that if you have a perfect body, any old pair of jeans can look flattering. If you are a junk food addict (like yours sincerely), i would recommend Armani Jeans. They do things even Photoshop would be envious of. For even more bootylicious females, my friend recommended a brand called Acne. I know … weird name.

Ok enough of my ramblings, here is the MV:

Special NG video:

Dance practice:

What did you think? Can hyori hold onto her throne a bit longer?



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