Video of the week : Lee Hayi’s audition

This week’s “Video of the Week” goes to the runner up of the singing competition, Kpop Star. Kpop Star received plenty of attention in South Korea for the unprecedented amount of talent displayed, racism shown towards Michelle Lee and for it’s 3 famous judges – BoA (SME), Yang Hyun-suk (JYE) and Park Jin-young (JYPE). Park Jin Min was the winner of this survival audition and news of her contract with JYPE was recently released. Upon the revelation, I did a quick review of the top 10 contestants and Lee Hayi’s audition made me fall out of my seat … laughing. A very cute video and like a pinata, full of pleasant surprises.


After being a long time enthusiast of Kpop, i have seen more than my fair share of wannabe idols and singers. As a result, I’ve developed a cruel and critical mind, especially on appearances (yes, i should be speared). My initial reaction to this video was a) she’s quite chubby, ain’t she? b) OMG she needs to shave that jaw. But her confidence, young age and charisma won me over in ways even a peanut butter and chocolate gelato could never. 😛 While Park Jin Min’s vocal skills are certainty superb, I didn’t get goosebumps like I do when listening to Adele or Ailee. And is it just me, or is everyone’s English really good? Here’s Park Jin Min’s audtion: wadduthink?

And how could i resist searching up a collaboration of the two – evil glares, shoulder bumping and all.

However, the duet was too messy for my liking. The singing styles of the two contestants are too similar, so rather than highlighting their individual charms, the collaboration made them both sound bad… or even worse, normal. It doesn’t help that Lee and Park are around the same age/height, have retained baby fat and questionable double eyelid surgery and upcoming nose jobs. Thumbs up for JYP’s sleazy facial expressions and major in you face “Monster Debuts” headphones marketing though. Seems like they’re pretty good quality if they can block out a live performance. 🙂

FYI, these were the top 10 contestants.

  • Baek Ji-woong : Born 1990, from Seoul, eliminated March 18, 2012 (3rd Live)
  • Baek Ah-yeon : Born 1993, from Sungnam, eliminated April 22, 2012 (8th Live)
  • Kim Na-yoon : Born 1994, from United States, eliminated March 11, 2012 (2nd Live)
  • Lee Jung-mi : Born 1996, from Ilsan, eliminated March 4, 2012 (1st Live)
  • Lee Ha-yi : Born 1996, from Bucheon, 2nd Place
  • Yoon Hyun-sang : Born 1994, from Suwon, eliminated March 25, 2012 (4th Live)
  • Lee Michelle : Born 1991, from Paju, eliminated April 8, 2012 (6th Live)
  • Park Je-hyung : Born 1992, from United States, eliminated April 1, 2012 (5th Live)
  • Lee Seung-hoon : Born 1992, from Busan, eliminated April 15, 2012 (7th Live)
  • Park Ji-min : Born 1997, from Daejeon, Winner

What are your thoughts on the competition? Do you have a bias? Let us know 😀



One thought on “Video of the week : Lee Hayi’s audition

  1. Hey,

    Just came across your post when I was searching about Lee Ha Yi.
    I think I had the same feelings as you did.
    At first, I heard a lot about Park Ji Min because Ashton Kutcher had tweeted about her audition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. No doubt, I was very impressed by her singing at such a young age. I think Jimin is very talented.

    Then I started watching the show Kpop star, and out of nowhere, I fell for Lee Ha Yi’s charms! I had no idea how it came out like this but I did! I think it was in episode 4, when she first walked in JYP’s audition room, she had this “I’m too cool” behaviour yet she does it so naturally that it does not seem arrogant at all! In fact, it’s super adorable!
    I think another reason why I’m rooting for Hayi is because of her soulful voice/singing. It’s definitely something new and fresh!! Jimin has powerful vocals but as amazing as it is, it doesn’t come off as interesting as Hayi’s deep soulful voice. That low deep voice can come off quite sexy sometimes too haha.

    I don’t know if you have seen the show yet. But if you like Hayi, you should definitely watch the show. You’ll fall in love with her even more haha like YG says, she’s a monster!

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