Celebs and their Attractive Siblings


In case it doesn’t work out between yourself and your beloved bias, have no fear! As the popular proverb goes: ‘when one door closes another door opens’ (or something along those lines). Siblings are a particularly good choice, given the fact that superior genes often run through the family. In this post, we look at celebrities with siblings who are, in some instances, better looking than the idols themselves.

Note: if you can’t already tell, the idols are on the left and the siblings are on the right 🙂

Shinee’s Minho

Minho’s brother is Choi Minsuk, a student at the highly prestigious Seoul University. To me he looks like the would-be, grown-up love child of Super Junior’s Kangin and Sungmin. I can’t see the resemblance to Minho at all except maybe the nose and the lips. And as for all the noonas out there that feel a little bit dirty thinking about Minho, well why not divert your thoughts to Minsuk instead?

Big Bang’s Taeyang

Taeyang’s older brother is Dong Hyun Bae who will/already has debuted as an actor on tvN’s ‘Oh! Boy!’. Hyun Bae has Taeyang’s eyes and certainly exudes a similar aura. Although, one can’t help but pray that he’s luckier than Taeyang in the height department [ohhhhhhh I’m so prepared to be stabbed by VIPs right now].

Big Bang’s T.O.P

WOW. WOW. Now who exactly is the Kpop celebrity here? My jaw literally dropped when I saw this picture of T.O.P’s sister. How unfair is life? I mean there’s ying and yang isn’t there? So shouldn’t it be against the balance of the universe for one family to have two ridiculously gorgeous children? *shakes fist*

Nine Muses’ Sera

Okay, this is another family that goes against the balance of the universe. Sera’s brother is smokin! Although, he does look a bit gangster/mafia-ish in the photo. I can imagine him holding a gun and shooting someone in the head or laundering drugs in a movie (god, what is wrong with my mind?). Someone really needs to cast him before he ages and loses all his looks.

Super Junior’s Yesung

Now how did I not know that Yesung had such a cute brother?!?!?! I think that this photo was from a while back so maybe he’s grown even taller and buffer between then and now *wink wink* Oh, before I forget, his name is Kim Jong Jin

SNSD’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung’s older sister Choi Soo Jin is a musical actress. She has dubbed Korean voice overs for a number of English movies including: GoldenEye, I Still Know what you did Last Summer and Sahara. Soo Jin once revealed on a show that she wasn’t popular back in her school days because she looked too old for her age.

SNSD’s Jessica

Of course we all know about the pretty Jung Sisters! Jessica’s younger sister Krystal is currently a member of popular girl group f(x). When she was 5 years old, her and older sister Jessica were scouted by a SM Entertainment agent. However, at that time, their parents only let Jessica (who was 10 at the time) join the agency.

JYJ’s Yoochun

Do I have eyesight problems or do Yoohwan and Yoochun more or less look like twins? (or maybe it’s just this photo). Yoohwan is just as blessed as his older brother in the talent department and recently acted as Kang Woo Hyun in Channel A’s “Strongest K-POP Survival“…although it looks like he’s going to need hair regrowth surgery sometime in the future. On a completely different note, Yoochun is a pretty great older brother: he bought Yoohwan a US$80,000 CAR after Yoohwan passed his driving test.

JYJ’s Jaejoong:

Jaejoong’s biological little sister is an aspiring actress, who will be making her debut mid this year. Her fresh face and innocent aura will be sure to attract her a swarm of ‘uncle’ fans in no time!

JYJ’s Junsu

Hmmmm. Now I don’t want to saying anything against Junsu but his brother Junho is so much HOTTER and TALLER and BUFFER. *clears throat* *plugs up nosebleed* Apparently they’re twins (so clearly Junho stole all the nutrients and good looks while they were in the womb). At least he left all the singing talent to Junsu.

Hwanhee & Fake borther

Hwanhee’s handsome handsome “brother” is a trainee under H-Entercom. His image seems softer and less masculine than Hwanee’s but you can definitely see the genetic resemblance between the two boys (either that, or they’ve gone to the same plastic surgeon). —> Okay I was wrong: they’re not actually related *sigh* I shudder at my ‘genetic resemblance’ comment.

Ha Ji Won

Actress Ha Ji Won comes from a family of talented and supremely good looking people. Her extremely attractive brother, Jun Tae Soo, is an aspiring actor. However, in January 2011, he was reported to have assaulted a taxi driver and two police officers while under the influence of alcohol *tsk tsk*. As expected, his career flopped.

So….now that I’ve made you extremely envious of all these super genes, whose sibling was the hottest?!?! Let us know in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “Celebs and their Attractive Siblings

    • OMG you are totally right! Now that I look at them properly, I think I probably just deluded myself into thinking that they looked the same haha. I’ll put the brother in inverted commas since I’m too lazy to change it 😛

  1. I know this is an old article but I can’t help myself, but WHERE are the park siblings? Sandara and Thunder? The good looking siblings? :O

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