Quick Look: SHE’Z “My Way”

on a serious note…we’re not even half way through the year and already there have been enough comebacks and debuts to completely screw with my mind. So you can imagine my mentality upon hearing that another rookie group had debuted. “SHE’Z” comprises of Lee JinahLee TaeyeonKim Seyeon, and Kim Jiyoung and they are Line Entertainment’s first ever music group! Despite my skepticism about what these girls could possibly bring to the table, the quality of title track actually surprised me by how good it was.

on a lighter note...is this an SNSD sub-group? (Just kidding – fans please don’t cut out my liver). It’s such that some members bear an uncanny resemblance to Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung (see pic below).

And it doesn’t help that one of girl’s name is also Taeyeon; who spent half of her scenes looking like After School’s Nana, and the other half looking like SNSD’s Tiffany (see below).

The Dance:

The dance was awesome! Why? Because this may be the one Kpop dance that I can learn and dance to, without looking like a complete retard. Never under-estimate how bad a person can be at dancing: SNSD’s “Gee” was beyond my capabilities (even though 40 year old Korean men with beer guts seem to be able to execute it flawlessly).

Now I’m in no way implying that the dance for “My Way” is easy. In fact, everything except for the chorus looks really difficult and complicated and clearly requires a high level of dexterity and coordination. But the genius is the chorus! I mean their “I’m an aeroplane” and “lets wriggle our fists” movements are almost an exact replica of how I dance when I’m drunk. So like I said: Genius, sheer genius.

The Fashion:

Eurgh. The fashion can pretty much be summed up in one word: Hideous. Khaki jump suits and prisoner outfits? *shudder* Go get them fashion police!

What I liked:

Their vocals were very strong and the chorus harmonised perfectly. The music video was also evenly distributed in that each girl had an equal amount of screen time and closeups. In the past, MVs that focus only on one or two girls really pissed me off because clearly all the members have worked equally hard to get to where they are now.

Also, it was clever of the producer to shoot a scene where the girl’s names are clearly displayed. This made it much less confusing in identifying whose who particularly since the girls are new to the Kpop community.

What I didn’t like:

I know that they’re a rookie group and their agency obviously doesn’t have a budget like that of YG Entertainment (for example). However, some of the clothes/settings looked a bit cheap for my liking. For example, scenes should have been shot in a full room instead of an area that looked like a blocked off corridor. As for decorations…well…a few pieces of paper stuck on a wall simply doesn’t cut it.

As always, the MV for your enjoyment:

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Are they going to be a success? Or are they going to fade into the backdrop of an increasingly competitive entertainment industry.



One thought on “Quick Look: SHE’Z “My Way”

  1. LOL I AM DYING AT THIS LINE: “(Just kidding – fans please don’t cut out my liver)”

    SERIOUSLY DYING OMG But yeah I agree with you on this review for the most part. The outfits were hideous. One dress (the orange/black/pink one) is from H&M, which is like the cheapest store ever (and I can say this because I get 90% of my clothing from there hohoho). And the sets were just um yeah…did they rip off of Old Boy’s locked room or what?

    Anyway even though I wasn’t quite impressed with the music or the MV, it was still fairly enjoyable to watch. That one girl Seyeon has an interesting face – when she showed up, I was like “WHOA! Who is this non-Korean-looking girl doing in this MV?” XD but it’s kind of refreshing to see, considering the other girls do kind of look like existing k-pop stars. I don’t know how successful they will be, but they DID get a lot of comments on allkpop for their debut MV, and even bad publicity is good publicity for new groups, tbqh.

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