Video of the Week: Why are Koreans so into their Looks?

This week’s Video of the Week is somewhat…disturbing. And I don’t mean disturbing in the sense of blood & gore, or a video two of your favourite idols cross dressing (unless you’re into that kind of thing). No, it’s more distressing on the mental level.

As a young -ish girl, I can fully relate to the pressure society puts on women to look good. Sometimes it feels that having an ant waist, porcelain skin, long legs, smooth hair etc. etc. is simply the ‘norm’ and that if you don’t possess these features then you’re the one with a ‘problem’. Problems of course need to be fixed; hence the need to resort to fad diets, plastic surgery and a wardrobe full of skincare products. In Korea however, the pressure to look beautiful is somewhat greater. This video is an excerpt from a show, and gives an insight into the way Koreans view beauty and the measures they take to achieve that ideal.

What did you guys think? Personally hearing young girls talk about their flaws in such a cavalier manner freaks me out. It felt like getting plastic surgery was equivalent to going to a restaurant and ordering a meal. And those plastic surgeons I mean, don’t tell a girl that is classified as ‘skinny’ on the BMI scale that she’s fat for her age group! And then inject needles into her thighs! I know that it’s their job to earn money but 10 years from now we’ll probably find out that leg injections give you muscle spasms or something. *shudders*

Your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Video of the Week: Why are Koreans so into their Looks?

  1. I remember seeing this video a while ago and it was really disturbing o.o have you watched Documentary on High School in South Korea( It’s even more disturbing ;( poor high school girl don’t think their beautiful… But they’re perfectly pretty just the way they are..

    • WOW! The way they talk about it like it’s the norm is, for want of a better word: chilling. It’s crazy to think about the type of pressure that their friends and family must put on them to be the best both academically and physically. Imagine not telling you’re daughter that she’s beautiful until after she gets plastic surgery!

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