Quick Look: JUNSU (XIAH) “Tarantallegra”

On a serious note… Junsu’s first solo album will be released on 15 May (tomorrow!) For those who are confused by the title of this track, Tarantallegra is a ‘dancing feet’ spell as featured in my beloved childhood classic: Harry Potter(!). The effect is to cause a person’s feet to dance uncontrollably (which completely suits the hectic choreography you will soon witness).

On a lighter note…After all these years of waiting there is finally an up close shot of Junsu’s abs. After being teased by his “poor excuse for a shirt” in Mirotic to the Present Day, I could probably sue for emotional damage brought about by too much sexual frustration. But ‘Tarantallegra’ makes up for all that. Bless you CJES! I love your concepts so much more than that of SM Entertainment! And for those poor unfortunate souls who weren’t paying attention, have no fear, I took a screen-shot of his abs for your perving pleasure.

The MV:

It was clear from the onset that thought had been put into the composition. The video started by foreshadowing the 6 concept scenes that occur later in the MV. In fact, the entire composition seems somewhat circular with Junsu ending up on the same throne as at the beginning of the video.

The song:

To be honest, I was underwhelmed the first time I heard the song. But after listening to it a couple more times (for the sake of this review), I have to say that it has definitely grown on me. In saying that though, I’m not sure if the song could stand on its own without the MV and the dancing. There was a bit too much repetition for my short attention span, and the pace didn’t pick up like I expected it to.

The dance:

The dance was powerful, sharp and difficult (warning: only experienced dancers should attempt a dance cover). Some aspects of the choreography looked like it sourced inspiration from JYJ’s  “Mission”. Nonetheless it was executed flawlessly.

As I keep telling everyone, Junsu has always been a good dancer but for some reason is constantly overlooked!

What I liked:

When I heard the news way back that Junsu had a solo album coming out, the first thing that popped into my mind was: this guy has something to prove. Career wise, it has not been smooth sailing and because of his voice, people automatically box Junsu in the ‘ballad’ category; leaving the more risque concepts to G-Dragon and his seaweed hair. However, instead of playing it safe, I liked the fact that Junsu took this opportunity to redefine himself as an artist. The beat/pace of the song also meant that he was able showcase his dancing talents as well as his visual versatility.

What I didn’t like:

I think that it can be difficult for an artist in a group to launch a solo album.  Sometimes the absence of the other members is apparent, simply because the audience is used to seeing 3 or 5 or 8 people on the screen. As a result there can be a tendency for the solo artist to… overcompensate. The concepts in this MV felt a little mis-mashed and I wasn’t entirely sure about the point of some scenes. I mean, was the ‘many arms’ shot meant to represent a Tarantula? Literally? … I don’t know…confused…

On a completely different note, in the snow scenes, Junsu looks like a cross between a latino dancer and a stripper. And unless my eyes are deceiving me, he’s wearing a mullet dress! A mullet dress! (Although I’m sure that some fans can convince themselves that it’s just a fancy cape).

To finish off, I just have one burning question. Is the picture below actually Junsu? Or is it a girl? If anyone knows, please enlighten me in the comments.



And before I forget: the MV for your enjoyment!

2 thoughts on “Quick Look: JUNSU (XIAH) “Tarantallegra”

  1. I agree with you on most of the points. did of the concepts felt like they were just thrown in, but overall I had a lot of fun watching the video. and it has been confirmed that the girl is junsu wearing a wig

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