Fame for Chienna?

After coming home from an exhausting day battling with reality and bad hair, I did my usual regular check of our Chienna blog.  Surprisingly enough I was met by a mention … or rather a whole webpage … dedicated to what I had written during the wee hours of the morning. What caught my attention was this site was a .org while Chienna is still too poor and sticking to the .wordpress.com. Flashes of book signings, champagne with Nic, jumping on water beds and sniffing freshly printed bills came scrambling into my mind. But then I READ the bloody thing. Anyone notice anything weird?

Well first of all … “we had to meet someone at chienna site” … unless Nic’s been out of the country and back between her hectic work, study and life schedule without notifying me then I say this statement is as far fetched as the last time my mum told me she could bake. Trust me, we don’t want to go there. Our fire alarm has gone off more times than I count. Other people tend to give up by then, but my mum is CONVINCED that she CAN bake. I’ll probably get lung cancer before she realizes she can’t.

Getting back onto the topic: the next thing I noticed was “this post was from a friend”. Again, unless Nic opened up a website overnight, then we’re looking at liesssss. I know being famous isn’t easy. Everyone pretends they know you and such. And in extreme cases? They are delusional enough to think they are friends with you.

We would know. Anyone checked out Twitter site? It’s @ChiennaBlog by the way 😉 We’ve bombarded famous stars with praises, threats and sometimes resort to begging. And we have been rewarded with an amazing number of followers – lucky number 8. We’ve scored replies from Siwon’s friend John Lee and mini interview with Chris Mark who starred in the Hunger Games.

But the final straw was “HE”.COME ON!! 

I did sign at the bottom of the page with a Renee. It may be French but two ees equal female. And what kind of man would talk about a diet that gave you fuller boobs and an ant waist. Oh and another capital crime? The writer belittled Chienna with a small c. :O

So I’ve decided to share this flight to fame with our readers. Should I be proud of this fabulous mention or should I be opening up a case for defamation?

We’ll let the readers choose. 🙂



Can I just vouch for Renee and say that the above was entirely sarcastic humour 😛 She’s not an arrogant beast I promise! We love everyone who comes to our site and takes the time to read our random ramblings. But I think the mention of Renee as a ‘he’ might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not saying that Renee is a camel or anything.. 😛 – xoxo Nic

2 thoughts on “Fame for Chienna?

  1. I forgot to ask 😮 How’s the banana diet going? I tryed the Denmark diet and I eventually got sick of eating hard boiled eggs -.- Are you sick of bananas?

    • Hey Jasminmin. I’m writing up banana diet: results, quick view of 2hot and Cannes fashion as I type. Thanks for keeping up to date with us! 🙂

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