After realizing that my two pack was on the verge of extinction, I’ve decided to take extreme measures. The Japanese Morning Banana Diet is worshiped by Suh In Young (shoe designer, sexy diva, We Got Married star and former Jewelry member) and caused a banana shortage in Japan within just two days. Personally, banana is one of my least favorite fruits. Instead, i  harbor a great love for papayas, very sweet watermelon and mangoes. But i guess, beauty = a cruel sacrifice on one’s behalf.

Info… Banana diet, discovered by pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe, is also known as the “glamour diet” because it enables your face to become smaller, burns your waist and belly fat while making your breasts more full. Suh In Young lost 6 kgs in 4 weeks.

Rules… For breakfast, only have fresh bananas and room temperature water. Anything can be eaten for lunch and dinner but desert and non-water drinks are frowned upon. Best thing about this diet, is that it only tells you to exercise when you feel like it.

Scientific backing… Bananas are filled with enzymes that boost digestion and metabolism that aids weight loss. They are a rich source of resistant starch, which is thought to leave you feeling satisfied and therefore less inclined to overeat at meal times as well as increasing the body’s fat-burning capacity.

Last but not least, bananas eaten in combination with water improve bowel movements.

My haul

… And there’s more. My motivation: Must eat before they rot

Disadvantages… Bananas are high in sugar so may not suit those with diabetes and may result in cavities. Also, since the diet allows you to eat all you want … those without self control would probably gain weight.

Suh In Young’s Meal Plan…

Morning: 1~2 bananas, 2 cups of water
Lunch: healthy and non-greasy Korean meal
Snack: 1/2~1 banana when feeling hungry
Dinner: Korean meal mostly composed of rice and herbs

My Diet Plan ….

Morning: 1~2 bananas, 2 cups of water. Exercise: Running for the subway and biceps workout on the handrails.
Lunch: If working, fast food like McDonalds or hot chips. But uni has horrible globs of I don’t know what.
Snack: 1~10 bananas when feeling hungry. Probably squashed and decaying ones since they’ve been with me on my subway ride and continuously assaulted by my water bottle.
Dinner: Microwave food or at my favorite Chinese restaurant.
Night Snack: Bananas since I sleep late. Desert is frowned upon but it’s just banana and when i say i sleep late… i mean i sleep laateee.


If you think the Banana diet isn’t for you, check out Nic’s Chocolate Diet or other Celebrity Diets.

Will keep you updated on the process and results. Stay tuned!



Chienna is not responsible for any fainting, dying, weird monkey behavior or side effects associated with the Banana Diet. Chienna is merely using their writers as guinea pigs to test the authenticity of unreasonable diet fads and do not support dieting in any way. Attempt at your own risk.

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