Best LEGS in Kpop

Ah!!!! it feels so so good to be able to post again!!! If anyone out there was worried by my absence (anyone anyone?) it was because my internet got capped. All the downloading and streaming obviously took it’s toll so I had to endure browsing speed comparable to the days of dial-up internet for the last 10 days. I alternated between “wow, I have so much free time now..maybe I should go outdoors” to “kill me now. just kill me now” (nah, actually nothing that dramatic :P)

Okay! Now back to topic: Pretty, slim and straight legs are something we can’t help but admire and covet. For a limb which logically speaking shouldn’t have sex appeal, legs have somehow morphed onto a level of their own. In this post we look at the female idols with the best legs in the Kpop industry, as well as their maintenance tips and secrets.

2NE1’s Park Bom

Park Bom is the reason why all short girls out there need not despair. Despite what the industry wants you to believe, you don’t need to be a female giant in order to have beautiful legs. In her official profile, Park Bom is recorded as being 165cm tall (and is probably shorter in real life). Her legs have often descried as being ‘mannequin like‘, with virtually no fat and are as slim and straight as chopsticks.

SNSD’s Sooyoung and Tiffany

Sooyoung’s legs are known as “luxury legs” because of their straightness, smoothness and length. In fact, many plastic surgeons refer to them as legs that don’t need to be photoshopped because … well… they’re already perfect. Tiffany’s legs are also regarded as extremely beautiful because they’re very close to the 5:3:2 Golden Ratio. That is, the ratio of thighs : calves : ankles.

The video above shows the exercise that Tiffany does in order to achieve perfect legs. Although bear in mind that she probably spend countless hours sculpting, dancing and dieting (in addition to having good genetics).

After School’s Nana and UEE

I think the pictures pretty much say it all. Before joining ‘After School’ Nana worked as a model (I can fully see why), and at a height of 171cm, it’s no wonder her legs are jaw dropping-ly hot. Uee on the other hand, achieved her toned legs and ‘honey thighs’ through swimming. *Sigh* This is a cruel cruel world. Swimming hasn’t given me anything other than broad shoulders and muscular arms.


If having a voluptuous figure and a petite v-line face wasn’t enough, G.NA has also been blessed with super long legs. I mean, they just seem to go on and on and on and on. She’s 168cm (the same height as me) but unfortunately that’s where the similarities stop. Jealous? Who Me? Of course I’m not jealous….Note to self: Don’t show boyfriend these photos.


Bora’s body is more on the curvy side (compared with all the other girls) but just makes it more smokin hot. Personally I prefer her ‘honey thighs’ over Uee’s and she also completely kills the casual denim look. Do I see abs peaking out from under her shirt? 😛

T-ara’s Hyomin

Hyomin’s legs completely blow my mind because the photos above actually aren’t photoshopped. *Sigh* Well at least I can shooting darts of envy at her through my computer screen.

Girl’s Day’s Yura

Yura had her legs insured for US$448,000 (500,000,000 ₩) in case of scaring and damage. If they can be insured for that much, well then they definitely deserve to be on the list.


As nice as all their legs are, I would suggest that we never underestimate the power of photoshop. If they can turn Ga-In’s legs from (before) to (after) as well as boost her height by 10cm, then they can pretty much do anything.

How to achieve this for yourself:

1) Photoshop (see above)

2) Exercise:

The video below shows an exercise that you can do in order to get SNSD’s slim legs.  According to the trainer, this 10 minute routine is equivalent to 100 minutes of exercise (truth or lies? haha). Because there are no english subs, here’s the breakdown for you:

  • 4 minutes of ‘shakes’
  • 3 minutes of ‘strides’
  • 2 minutes of ‘side kicks’
  • 1 minute of ‘jumps’

3) Accessories:

You’d be surprised what a good pair of heels and short shorts will do for your figure. Hyomin stated in her twitter that the secret to her legs were 1 storey high heels.

4) Surgery:

PPC shots and radiofrequency ablation are sometimes used by girl groups to break down fat in certain areas of the body. To find out more click here. Radiofrequency ablation is used frequently throughout a promotion cycle to loosen up the calf muscles, and in severe cases, to thin the muscles out.

The director of dermatology at Imzine Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Im Hasung, stated, “Usually before a comeback, girl groups come and get the PPC shot in the thighs and bottom area. They consistently come and get radiofrequency ablation treatment for their calves and other areas. There’s also been an advancement in makeup such as shimmer that gives the legs a slimming effect.

Source: Osen via allkpop

So whose legs are your favourite? Personally I’m drool over both Hyomin and G.NA’s legs because they suit their overall body shape. But it’s always good to  remember that at the end of the day it usually comes down to genetics (and maybe a little bit of plastic surgery/exercise :P).



11 thoughts on “Best LEGS in Kpop

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  3. Yura and Uee have the best legs out of this list to me. I prefer legs that are not straight. I think legs with a bit of curve are more attractive. I really dislike Sooyoung’s legs. She is scary thin to me, and her legs are quite shapeless. Just my opinion though.

  4. Bom legs are The best legs and the sexiest legs yoona is not in here cuz her legs are disgusting and hyuna legs are totally disgusting

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