Quick Look: JYP & Ga-In “Someone Else”

On a serious note… Park Jin-young has made his comeback after a 2 year long hiatus with a duet song featuring Ga-in from Brown Eyed Girls. “Someone Else” was released at midnight on the 22 April and will be the main track on Spring. Five Songs I’m Sending to a New Love.

On a lighter note… The chemistry was so very awkward between the two veteran artists. Ga-In who is usually known by her sensual acts and great sexual chemistry in her music videos, seemed like ‘someone else’ altogether.

On 19th April, JYP tweeted

“Everyone, I am coming back as a singer after two years. The album is called ‘Spring,’ and it has five songs for my new lover. I will be releasing at 0’clock on April 22 a song called ‘Someone Else’ with a female singer, and the love story of a seemingly extravagant male celebrity and ordinary woman called ‘It’s Only You.’

Haha. Does this mean that JYP has found LURVE?

What I liked … JYP included official English translations in the music video! Press the CC button to view.

The song itself is soulful yet catchy and reflects the feelings of both counterparts. The interchange of the main singer during half way of the song is daebak! I was beginning to think it was more Ga-In’s song than JYP’s.

Jo Kwon (2am) left behind by Ga-In? The two were inseparable on "We Got Married". JYP hooks up with his "daughter in law"!

What I didn’t … My initial reaction was JYP… why? I have to admit, I’m a huge sucker for his songs and productions. But I’m no fan of his face, his voice, his acting or his attitude. Hmm but I think i can let it go this time … I simply adore the song and music video. Guess I won’t be watching the live performances though.

Nonetheless, the chemistry is heaps stiff on Ga-In’s behalf. But i guess i would of had the same reaction. Its like hooking up with your boss with the world watching. Technically speaking Ga-in is under NegaNetwork but … oh, you know what i mean.

Fashion … The simple black and white color scheme was very well done and to me symbolized Ying and Yang. Only through their reunification is equilibrium and love achieved. This was further emphasized through the contrast in the scenarios – one in a quiet house and another in a disco.

The simple color scheme also made sure the interchanging scenes didn’t become too messy and viewers are left with the deep impression that the two belong with each other.

Diet …

JYP revealed his diet regime for other fellow Ahjusshis who want to shake their stuff. The foods are high in vitamin C and protein. He tweeted:

“The breakfast I recommend for those who want to dance until they’re 60. Three kinds of nuts, two fruits, two dried fruits, powdered mixed grains with soy milk, vegetable juice. Preparation time is only 15 minutes.”

Without further ado…

What did you think about this collaboration? Let us know ~

It’s Only You will be coming out soon. Excited?



3 thoughts on “Quick Look: JYP & Ga-In “Someone Else”

  1. Your comments are so spot on. First time seeing Gain so ill at ease in a mv or any performance for that matter.

  2. I’m very uncomfortable with the MV theme.. I get the song meaning about wanting to go back to someone else, not your current love. But to show the cheating like they did… I think they send out the wrong message. It’ll be more acceptable for me if they show Gain cut off her marriage clean before going back to her ex.

    And then .. there’re few scenes made me lol….like Gain sitting on the chair looking like she was waiting for Doctor Appoinment instead … or their reunion looked like they were screaming to each other faces …

    Those scenes aside, I love the final scene of taking off the ring and their fashion..
    And I’m totally diggiing the song and looking forward to their stage.. it should be sizzling hot 🙂

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