Taser me instead! Just don’t give me another Teaser!

Today, I want to rant about teaser photos/videos. After seeing DPS Boyz’s teaser photos being release one by one this week, something in me finally snapped. Rather than screaming at the computer: ‘Just show me who all the members are already!!!!‘ I decided to project my anger in a productive manner by writing a post instead.

For those who are beginning to think that I’m a raving lunatic with a keyboard, I promise you that I’m neither a hater nor a cynic who sits around in my Transylvanian castle cackling and sipping the blood of Kpop idols.

Let us begin by defining what teaser photos are. Teaser photos are the glamour shots that entertainment agencies release before a group’s comeback to stir up excitement and anticipation. See the below for examples:

Now I don’t have a problem when teaser photos are used properly. They are a good way of reminding me which bands are having their comebacks, and also hint at their new image/concept.

However what I find supremely annoying is when agencies take it too far. Recently, it has reached the point where a group’s comeback must be accompanied by (at very least) teaser photos of each individual member, a group photo and a short MV or audio clip. All of this for one song. I mean, really, a MV is around 5~6 minutes max (unless it’s a mini story). Why then do I need to hear a 1 minute teaser as a precursor to the actual video. A two hour long movie needs to have trailers. MVs and songs on the other hand…don’t.

At this point you’re probably thinking: well if you hate teaser videos so much, why don’t you just not watch them. My response is that I actually don’t watch them. But constantly seeing articles on news sites that are solely about a photo being released  is enough to piss me off.

What supremely annoys me is the excessive use of teaser photos/videos. An example is rookie group EXO, who released over 20 teaser videos before debut (see video above for example). Personally, I think that this is a poor strategy. Why? Because too many photos bore me to death. Let me illustrate this with an example. If say, I hired a stripper (which, by the way, I have NOT done before), I wouldn’t expect him to be dressed in enough layers to compete with a walrus. I wouldn’t want to sit there for three hours watching him take of his jacket, followed by his beanie, his woollen socks that insulate his feet etc.

The same goes for Kpop teasers.

I don’t, for example, want to watch teaser video # 20 of EXO dancing with a hat rack. I don’t want to see Super Junior photo-shoots are released one by one (only to realise at the end that they had nothing to do with the MV). Please agencies! For the love of God, just do a group shoot already! By the time the actual song/MV comes out, I am already SICK of seeing their faces. In fact, I refuse to follow EXO just because their promotion annoyed the crap out of me (I’m petty and I know it).

I mean, can’t we just go back to the good old days when a band would just release their song and MV without bravado and fanfare? When waiting for a new album to come out was actually exciting because you literally did not know what to expect? Maybe I’m just old fashioned (yes, the years are creeping up with me) but maybe there’s a fine line between ‘teasing’ and ‘boring’ and some agencies have definitely crossed it.

Sorry for the rant! What’s your opinion of teaser pictures/videos? Do you like them, or hate them?



4 thoughts on “Taser me instead! Just don’t give me another Teaser!

  1. I agree completely!! I think it’s fun and exciting when you don’t know what to expect in the new album. I don’t mind a couple teaser. But video and audio teasers are ridiculous, especially in EXO’s case; how many videos of Kai dancing can I watch? I was actually really excited when I first heard about them, but I lost interest so quickly.
    Sorry for the rant…And thanks for the post! I really like your blog, it makes me laugh a lot 🙂

    • Glad to know I wasn’t the only one out there getting frustrated haha. And OMG don’t remind me of Kai’s dancing. Those were some of the worst moments of my life; watching him dance with hat racks and inanimate objects hahahah

  2. Def AGREE!!!! And SuJu’s teaser pics for the 5th and 6th album iritates me the most.. Well actually I never look up to other band’s teaser pictures but seriously, what can be worst than those teaser pics? When I saw the first pic, what came to mind was either the stylists are drunk or they just hate those boys. Who wants to see their idol wearing dresses, fishnets stockings without pants and their do is just too much.. Also we should add those sexy free and single teaser pictures, I accidentally saw those picture when I opened my yahoo account and guess what I did?? I was rushing myself opening other page. Somehow, I feel so embarrased seing them looking like that..

  3. I agree with the movie needing teasers but ur right about the mv’s don’t need such clips. I like to watch trailers for movies but sometimes it could be deceiving as well I even had the experience of enjoying the trailers mote than the movie itself. I really like ur articles. I’m glad I came across it while searching for articles about Philip lee

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