Quick Look: Girl’s Day “OH MY GOD”

On a serious note… Girl’s Day have made their official comeback with title track “Oh My God” and an adorkable MV. “Oh My God” appears to be a continuation of their previous single “Twinkle-Twinkle” and fans of their original concept won’t be disappointed. However, with an increasingly competitive market, I feel that Girl’s Day shouldn’t rely on the dorky and ‘gag’ concept anymore – what they really need a single that distinguishes their style and showcases their talent. “Oh My God” is definitely not their strongest track to date, but it wasn’t too cringe-worthy and my ears are actually blood free.

On a lighter note… One of the girls looked like she was wearing anal beads around her neck. *awkward*

But the reference to ‘The Shining’ with all the freaky writing on the walls? AWESOME.

The dancing:

The group dance was cute, and brought back memories of the innocent Kpop era, such as when SNSD’s “Gee” was first released. The ‘dance battles’ were well choreographed, particularly the break dancing scenes. Kudos to the stunt doubles.

I also liked the fact that the girls managed to pull off their dances professionally, but also give off the vibe that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

What I liked:

The concept. Yes, yes, I know what I said before about Girls Day needing to change their concept, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like their current one. It’s cute and weird and I like cute and weird. Although some moments were too ‘aegyo’ filled (see below), but this was balanced by the mini hip hop scenes which made it seem fun overall.

I also loved the ‘girl power‘ moments:

Inspiration from other MVs:

2PM’s “Hands Up” – did they hire the same guy? I mean, just because you changed your horse mask for a giraffe mask doesn’t mean that we don’t all recognise you.

After School Red’s “In the Night Sky” – that guy stole Nana’s headdress and dyed it … I’m sure of it…

What I didn’t like:

The sound effects. When I’m listening to music, I don’t really want to hear ‘wooshes’ and ‘chings’ accompanying a karate chop. And while the helium filled ‘Despicable Me’ sounding voices were ‘cute’, they were also quite…annoying.

The story line was albeit a bit off. When I first saw the MV my mind didn’t immediately turn to ‘father and daughter’. Instead I thought: ‘OMG Older man and Young Girl! Pedo alert’. I mean you can’t really blame me. What kind of dad drops off this daughter at the library…at night…and doesn’t suspect anything. I wish my dad was that naive.

Here is the MV for your enjoyment!



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