Top 5 Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Check out who are the top 5 look alikes in the Korean entertainment industry. Can you tell them apart? Find out how to look like your favourite stars through invasive or non-invasive procedures. 🙂

#1 Rain & 2PM’s Junho

Little about them: Rain’s currently serving in the army but rose to international acclaim after the popular drama Full House. Like Rain, Junho debuted as a singer under JYP and is currently in Music and Lyrics with Kim So Eun. I first saw Junho in Hot Blood and did a massive back take. Since Rain’s real name is Jung Ji Hoon ~ I thought Junho was a nickname.

Get their look: Apply strong anti wrinkle cream on your eyelid creases, sleep and WAHLA! Congratulations, you’re already half way there. Then practice that irresistible smile!


#2 Taeyeon (SNSD) & Ji Sook (Rainbow)

Little about them: Ji Sook is one of the main vocalists and represents the colour green in the girl band Rainbow. Rainbow have recently released their Japanese album titled Over the Rainbow. Similarly, Taeyeon is also arguably the main vocalist in SNSD. SNSD is also promoting in Japan with Time Machine.

Get their look: Get a pair of scissors and cut a straight fringe. But facial features like those are usually hard to come by, unless you’re Korean.

# 3 Nichkhun 2PM & Moon Geun Young

Little about them: Nichkhun is a member of 2pm and was partnered with f(x)’s Victoria in the popular reality television show We Got Married. Moon Geun Young became Korea’s younger sister as a child actress in Autumn Tale (2000) and was recently in Cinderella Sister and Mary Stayed out all Night.

Get their look: Double eyelid surgery. Best result if you have relatively close set eyes.  Whitening cream and lose the eye cream to get the doe eyed look. Also fill in your eyebrows since both stars display relatively bushy eyebrows.

#4 Yoon Eun Hye & Jung So Min

Little about them: Yoon Eun Hye swept to international fame in the drama Princess Hours (2006) and Jung So Min became well known after the drama Mischievous Kiss (2010). Both the dramas had tomboyish but cute female leads, thus adding to the similarity. YEH however was originally a singer in the girl band Baby-Vox.

Get their look: The two share cute bunny front teeth and very similar noses.  Medium height nose bridges and round towards the tips. Even the position of their eyes are very similar. Get the teeth by crunching on apples or carrots but the other features may need some professional tweaking.

#5 Heechul (Super Junior) & Taemin (Shinee)

Little about them: Heechul is currently serving his country while Taemin is undergoing group activities with Shinee to promote their new single, Sherlock.

Get their look: The two SM stars are more alike in their aloof personalities then in their feminine facial features. But major loss of weight is needed along with double eyelids and slightly bulgy eyes. If your eyes are deeply set then try holding your breath with your eyes open. Attempt at your own risk.



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Celebrity Look-A-Likes

    • Thanks for the heads up! Very unprofessional of me but ever since their 100th teaser, I’ve developed selective memory loss every time EXO-K/M is mentioned… so i wouldn’t know what Kai looked like.

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