Idols vote….Neitzens vote…


Ever wondered what idols think about other idols? Who would they consider the sexiest, the most charismatic or even the one who would be the best President? Luckily these questions have been polled and answered, and Chienna went to various sources to list them all down for you. We’ve also included some amusing Neitzen votes such as ‘the most intelligent female idol’ and ‘the most huggable idol’. As always: Enjoy!


The idol who would be the best President (2012): Jo Kwon – because of his long training years, charisma and variety show skills.

The idol with a ‘masterpiece face’ (2012): T-ara’s Jiyeon

The sexiest idol (2012): 4minute’s Hyuna

The idol other idols want to do a duet with (2012): Sistar’s Hyorin

The #1 Fashionista Idol (2012):  B2ST’s  Yong Jun Hyung – but note that G-Dragon was excluded because he had won the previous year.

The idols who will be the next Rain and Hyori (2011): 4minute’s Hyuna and Big Bang’s  Taeyang

The next hyori and rain?

The most charismatic idol leader (2011): Super Junior’s Leeteuk

The idol neitzens want as a tutor (2011): Lee Seung Gi

The idols other idols want to spend Christmas with (2011): Song Joong Ki – because he’s good looking and would be able to create a friendly atmosphere.

Female idols want to go out on a spring outing with: Big Bang’s G-Dragon! TVXQ’s Yunho was second, and Big Bang’s TOP was third.

The idol with the most anticipated swim suit body: After School’s Uee and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

Yes, I really want to see Lee Joon in a 'bikini' hahaha


The idol neitzens most want to protect: SNSD’s Yoona

The idol whose skin secrets are coveted the most: Wonder Girls’ Sohee

The idol most likely to survive a world apocalypse: 2AM’s Jo Kwon

The most intelligent female idol: SNSD’s Yoona

The most ‘huggable’ idol: B2ST’s Yoseob

The idol groups neitzens want to spend valentines day with: Big Bang and SNSD

The coolest 1st generation idol group: H.O.T

The #1 Group to teach Korean to foreigners: Super Junior

The best female idol in army uniform: SNSD’s Yoona

The female idol most ‘fearless’ of a ghost: Wonder Girls’ Sohee

The idol to date during ‘winter’s first snowfall’: SNSD Taeyeon

The healthiest looking idol: Shin Se Kyung

The idol most likely to still be a ‘dancing queen’ in 2022: 4minute’s Hyuna

The idol most likely to pull off a rugged action scene: 2PM’s Taecyeon

The #1 star to go on a ‘snow date’ with: JYJ’s Jaejoong

We hope that you enjoyed procrastinating with this completely useless but amusing list. 


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