Funny Kpop gifs (Part 1)

If you’re bored and want a laugh, check out some funny Kpop gifs. They’ll be sure to lighten up your day!

#1 When I do well on an assignment I finished the night before, I’m like:

Source: oktaec


#2 A really hot guy compliments me and I’m just like: 



#3 I’ve done something wrong but I don’t want to fess up to it:

Source: washed-away


#4 I find out my favourite band is having a concert in my country:

Source: kpopcorngifs


#5 I see my ex-boyfriend with a hotter girl and I’m like:

Source: witnessthewonder


#6 I see a girl checking out my crush and I go:

Source: braja


#7 I really want something that I can’t afford so I go up to the nearest male and do this:

via misscl


#8 My friend volunteers for something stupid and I’m like ‘No’:

via misscl


#9 When my favourite couple in a drama don’t get together, my reaction:

Source: alqs


#10 What I wish would actually happen at concerts:

Source: pearlescentskyblue



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