SNSD Kisses

SNSD kiss scenes have the ability to unleash undignified responses from fanboys and fangirls worldwide. Usually the reaction involves screaming at the screen: ‘NOOOOOOO!! Get your hands off [insert name]. She’s mine!!!’ Sometimes, this hate is carried onto Youtube, where dislike bar looks something like this:

As the girls are maturing, it seems only logical that they would take their talents to the acting world. However, we all know that a good drama isn’t complete without a good kiss, and a good kiss always brings on rage and heartbreak. So, I guess now is as good a time as ever to take a look at some past/current SNSD kisses that have fangirls/boys tearing their hair out in frustration.


Cinderella Man: Yoona & Kwon Sang Woo

This kissing scene confuses me because I’m not sure at who I should be directing my envy. Yoona for getting kissed by Kwon Sang Woo? Or Kwon Sang Woo for being able to kiss Yoona? But since: 1) I’m a girl and 2) I found myself being captivated by Sang Woo’s eyes, I’ll have to go the former.

What was so controversial about this kiss scene was the 14 year age gap between the two actors.

Cabi: Yoona & Taecyeon (forehead kiss)

I remember the first time I watched the MV for ‘Cabi’. Renee and I were sitting in a crepes shop and bemoaning our failure to lose weight when she suddenly had a brain wave. Pulling out her ipod she showed me ‘Cabi’. Hmmm, let’s just say that after seeing that, we switched our orders to a salad and lean chicken crepe.

Although Yoona and Taecyeon only shared a forehead kiss, this was perhaps a catalyst for the birth of a new cult of Yoona&Taecyeon shippers. Personally I think that the kiss was pretty good; although those two together would probably make eating dirt look good.


Fashion King: Yuri & Lee Jae Hoon

WOAH! Is it me or is it getting hot in here? I mean, wow! Did Yuri undergo an image change? This kiss scene started off innocently enough but when she ran her hand up his chest to wrap it around his neck?! *fans myself off* I can definitely see why fan boys are throwing a fit right now.

Actually upon watching this scene a second time (and getting over the shock of Yuri kissing someone), it seemed rather awkward i.e. zilch chemistry. Oh well! They’re filming an entire drama so I’m sure it’ll give them time to refine their techniques.


Wild Romance: Jessica & Lee Dong Wook

Okay I eat my words. This scene is so much more steamy than Yuri’s! I mean they end up on the bed! ON THE BED! *shakes head* What has this world come to? I think Lee Dong Wook had better watch his back from now on.


FAME: Tiffany & TRAX’s Jungmo

This kiss scene broke many hearts and brought on many heart attacks. Please Tiffany and Jungmo! Think about the welfare of your hardcore fans (i.e. me)! 😛


Midnight sun

The kissing scene is around the 4:10 part but for those who are sweating with nervousness or shaking their fists in rage, rest assured. The kiss scene is definitely fake.

Salamander Guru: Taeyeon & Minho (almost kiss)

Taeyeon’s cameo appearance on Salamander Guru resulted in an ‘almost kiss’ between herself and Shinee’s Minho. The close proximity of their faces was enough to send alarm bells ringing in the heads of fangirls/ fanboys’.

Future kisses:

Now if the hole in your wall isn’t already big enough, and you want to completely demolish it (a.k.a see below), the SNSD girls may be in for some more kissing action in the future.

Love Rain: Yoona & Jang Geun Suk

Not to be outdone by fellow members Yuri and Jessica, Yoona announced in April 7th’s Guerilla Date that a ‘real kiss scene’ was coming up! I suppose the kiss on the cheek was just a teaser then 🙂

The Third Hospital: Sooyoung & ?

Sooyoung will be acting in upcoming drama ‘The Third Hospital’ along side Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho, and Kim Min Jung. If this is going to be a ‘love square’ then I would say that the likelihood of a kiss scene is high. But which lucky man will she be kissing?

On the left: Kim Seung Woo, On the right: Oh Ji Ho

What was your favourite SNSD kiss scene so far? And which members do you want to see puckering up in the future? Let us know in the comments below!



One thought on “SNSD Kisses

  1. hi chienna, really enjoyed your posts! anyway jessica’s kiss scene evoked a roaring lion inside me…haha….cuz i like LDW so much! i was like “gurl, get your paws off that man! *snap*” haha. and i cant take the rumor that followed after it…T.T

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