Quick Look: SISTAR’s “Alone”

On a serious note… My expectations for this song was high because it was produced by Brave Brothers, who were responsible for the ever addictive ‘Ma Boy’ and ‘So Cool’. Overall I feel like the dance, the music and the video worked cohesively to deliver a song that is worthy of being a title track. The digital charts seem to agree with me with ‘Alone’ topping the live charts for Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, and Olleh Music.

On a lighter note… I watched this MV twice. The first time my perverted eyes were so focused on the choreography, I blocked everything out. You guys are probably expecting it, but one word is enough to describe it: SEXY. *woosh* I’m feeling some oncoming girl crushes!

The song:

I really like the song: it definitely stands on its own instead of being supported by the smexy MV. There is just something about the arrangement and instrumentals that makes me want to play it over and over again. Although I have no criticisms for Sistar’s vocals, the real praise should be for the people who produced it because I think it’s one of those songs that would sound good no matter who sings it.

The dance:

As with most Kpop dances, synchronisation is the name of the game. The choreography in ‘Alone’ matched the music, didn’t look extremely strenuous and was pretty damn sexy! (especially the figure 8 floor rubbing part). Hence: win, win, win! And yes, I know I sound  like a 40 year old male pervert.

The wardrobe & makeup

The dresses for the dance scenes were figure hugging, with high slits to give the illusion of long legs and s-body lines. The height difference between the front and back also gave the mono-coloured dresses a slight edginess. However, while they suited the overall sexy theme, I don’t us ordinary folks could get away with it, without looking slightly hooker-ish 😛 I’m also not sure how I feel about the girls wearing jewellery on top of their clothes.

The makeup was somewhat similar (but not identical) to Miss A’s Touch.

Bold eyes and lips: Comparing Sistar (left) and Miss A (right). I prefer Sistar’s look in this one, although both suit their respective tones.

Cat eyes with simple lips: Comparing Sistar (left) and Miss A (right). I have to say that Miss A mixes it up more with silver sparkles below the eye and gradient lips.

I also have to say that despite the effort put into it, I disliked Bora’s back tattoo. The clown face with wavy hair did nothing but scare me and detract from her overall look.


Previously I said that their choreography was extremely sensual and that in itself was part of the MV’s appeal. However, while there is nothing with a little bit of ‘sex’, I feel that the concept itself has been overused.

I understand that as groups mature, their image has to evolve; you can’t maintain the cute and innocent look forever. However, just because the girls are growing up, doesn’t mean that have to morph into ‘sex goddesses’. Why can’t there be an ‘elegant’ concept? Or a ‘cool’ and ‘refreshing’ one?

It seems that in the rush to differentiate themselves by doing something provocative and risque, all the groups have unfortunately stumbled upon the same concept.

But let’s not end on a negative note! Here is the MV for your enjoyment!



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