Happy Easter!

Chienna would just like to wish you all a very very very Happy Easter! You may be expecting a Video of the Week today…but hey! it’s a public holiday so of course we’re rolling around in the sun and gorging on chocolate rather than Youtubing. Have no fear though because we have prepared something special.

When we think of Easter our minds immediately turn to the following: Chocolate, Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks, Commercial Exploitation and Public Holidays. We also think of post-Easter sales where once over-priced merchandise become dirt cheap; which then of course justifies us bringing home enough chocolate to feed an island. *drools*

We have therefore decided to do a tribute to all things Easter, Kpop collage style!

1) A tribute to chicks

We love 2PM and we love cute little chicks. So here’s a CF that combines our two loves! Apparently what they were trying to get across was that the jackets are so warm and insulating that they can make chicks hatch from eggs…

2) A tribute to eggs

What is Easter without easter eggs? Especially easter egg hunts! In Kpop however, they tend to prefer eggs in salad, or as a good way to build up muscle. The following the pictures are therefore unrelated to Easter, but still cute!

3) A tribute to chocolate

You didn’t think we meant real chocolate did you? But what’s one thing that’s better than real chocolate? Chocolate abs of course!

4) A tribute to bunnies

It seems that being pink and fluffy, with enormous ears can be pulled off by both genders! They’re so fluffy I could die (‘Despicable Me’ reference)!

5) A tribute to friends and holidays!

Best thing about Easter is taking sometime off to catch up with friends and family; particularly reminiscing about the silly things you used to do when you were younger.

So whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, and where ever you are we wish you a happy, safe and fattening Easter!


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