Shinhwa and the 7 Awkward Moments

Shinhwa is the longest running South Korean boy band with no line-up changes. The group debuted on 24 March 1998 with six members: Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee. I was going to review their latest comeback with Venus. Alas, because of a cruel twist of fate (aka reading how much Wikipedia had on them) I was heart-wrenchingly constrained to do so. Recently, there have been plenty of media coverage for the group that triggered my sympathy, respect, protectiveness and love. But since there are always two sides to every coin, I’ve decided to enlighten our readers on the events that make the members seem less legendary. Note to all ssaeng fans: I am a fellow fan of Shinhwa so don’t kill me?

#1 Jun Jin

First up is Jun Jin’s erection while performing his solo track Wa in 2008. I’ve made the pics smaller in case of younger and less prepared audiences. But for our more horny viewers, you can view the pic with a higher definition here.

Something interesting: Jun Jin acted opposite Kim Tae Hee in Forbidden Love!

#2 Eric Mun

To those that have been following the news recently, you would know that Eric made his comeback from the army with Myung Wol the Spy. The drama starred Han Ye Seul. No? Still not triggering your memory? Well, HYS got into a dispute with the crew at Myung Wol and flew back to the US while filming, leaving Eric in a compromising position as the male lead. But don’t worry, everything ended well and what is in the past, remains in the past.

Something interesting: Bet everyone knows this but in case there’s a k-pop newbie, Anymotion starring Lee Hyori, Eric and Kwon San Woo is a must watch!!!! Video included below.

#3 Lee Min Woo

In South Korea, expressing respect to your seniors, measured by age or years of profession or both, is very important. Normally, juniors are expected to use formal language and bow to their seniors. When Lee Minwoo, in a playful manner, bowed and greeted SNSD first, what happened was that while the rest of SNSD were bowing, Hyoyeon (towards the right end) was the only one who didn’t and just stood there holding the hands of her members and preventing them from bowing too! Ooh not good enough. SNSD later issued an apology letter which you can read here.

#4 Andy Lee

In the Venus music video, the boys must pass tribulations to reach their beautiful Venus. Jun Jin gets a maniacal dog, Hye sung escapes raining fire, Minwoo dodges falling spears, Eric fights against a black hole but … Andy gets cobwebs. I couldn’t even spot a spider!

Something interesting: Andy nearly became a H.O.T member!

#5 Kim Dong Wan

Shinhwa member-turned-solo singer Kim Dongwan revealed an embarrassing experience during the filming of his MV (A Man‘s Love) due to his relatively small build. He went on to explain that when they had to hug each other, he had to stand on higher ground in order to take the shots.

“Miss Lee Ki Young’s height is 183cm, 10cm taller than me. Because of our disparity in height, it was quite awkward when we started shooting. But things got easier as the shoot went on, and we successfully finished the shoot.”

#6 Shin Hye-sung

While playing the “butt” game with Andy on Xman, Hye-sung flies up into the air like a bird XD. And he steals candy from kids!!! Is it weird that I find it cute?

#7 Shinhwa

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Who is your favorite Shinhwa member? Let us know!



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