Seohyun’s Weight Loss

While performances on the April 7th broadcast of MBC’s Music Core were as drool worthy as ever; much more interesting happenings were going on off stage. Netizens immediately became suspicious over Hyoyeon’s changing nose (here) and fan fantasies were rekindled by Seohyun and Yonghwa’s onscreen reunion. I however, was more shocked by Seohyun’s diminished frame.

Am I just imagining it or did her face shape go from a “0” to a “V“?

I’ve always liked Seohyun for her chubby cheeks. While they don’t always suit everyone (i.e. me), they make her look sweet and innocent. I just want to pinch them!!!

However, since she’s started hosting Music Core, I’ve noticed her getting skinnier and skinnier. The photos speak for themselves.

From left to right: 18th February  ->  25th February  ->  7th April

Now I’m in no way criticising her. She looks good (sorta). And perhaps she’s ditching the innocent image for a much more mature one. However, I think that now might be the time to stop dieting. As in, right now.

What do you guys think?



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