BMI of Kpop Girl Groups

I remember making a promise quite a while ago that I would do a post about the BMI of Kpop Girl Groups. Alas, the promise has been nagging me to the point where it overrode my habitual laziness. So without further ado, please find the BMIs below.

Wait, just as a slight detour:

  • Tallest girl group: Nine Muses (171.9cm)
  • Shortest girl group: Brown Eyed Girls (160.0cm)
  • Skinniest girl group (by weight): 2NE1 (43.5kg)
  • Skinniest girl group (by BMI): Rania (16.1)
  • Least skinny girl group: Piggy Dolls

I have to say though that girls are much more secretive about their weight, so some of the figures are only estimates. Also, some of the weights on their official profiles can’t be real. Because if they were, I think the girls would be…well…dead.

Okay, now the BMIs (in ascending order):

Rania – 168.8cm, 46.0kg, BMI = 16.1

Jewelry – 163.8cm, 43.8kg, BMI = 16.3

2NE1 – 162.5cm, 43.5kg, BMI = 16.5 

Girls’ Day – 165.8cm, 45.6kg, BMI = 16.6

KARA – 162.6cm, 44.0kg, BMI = 16.6 

Nine Muses – 171.9cm, 49.0kg, BMI = 16.6

T-ara – 164.1cm, 44.8kg, BMI = 16.6 

Davichi – 165.0cm, 45.5kg, BMI = 16.7 

SISTAR – 166.0cm, 46.0kg, BMI = 16.7

5 Dolls – 165.2cm, 46.0kg, BMI = 16.9

Wonder Girls – 163.6cm, 45.2kg, BMI = 16.9

After School– 168.5cm, 48.2kg, BMI = 17.0 

A-Pink – 165.4cm, 46.4kg, BMI = 17.0

Dal Shabet – 169.3cm, 48.8kg, BMI = 17.0

Miss A – 164.2cm, 45.7kg, BMI = 17.0

SPICA – 167.4cm, 48.6kg, BMI = 17.3

Chocolat – 167.0cm, 48.2kg, BMI = 17.3

SECRET – 160.8cm, 45.2kg, BMI = 17.5

Girls’ Generation – 163.5cm, 47.4kg, BMI = 17.7

Brown Eyed Girls – 160.0cm, 45.5kg, BMI = 17.8

4minute – 163.8cm, 48.8kg, BMI = 18.2 

Piggy Dolls – 163.7cm, 60.7kg, BMI = 22.7



4 thoughts on “BMI of Kpop Girl Groups

  1. Aside from the Piggy Dolls, I feel like all the girl groups are freaking skinny. 4Minute is the “heaviest” group after the Piggy Dolls? I somehow can’t believe this. Girls’ Generation is near the top of the list too, and we know that they’re some of the skinniest girls around. Okay, SECRET is below SNSD and we all know that’s impossible. One look at their Love Is Move MV and we know they’re curvier than SNSD and the majority of the other girl groups. That’s it. These girls are all lying and we’ll never figure out their true BMIs ;;_____;; Thanks for the article though! ^^

    • Hahahaha, they are all freakishly skinny!!! I think the heaviest person might’ve been SNSD’s Tiffany at 51kg, which for me is already pretty damn thin. As for SECRET I think that their figures tend to fluctuate and the girls are probably publishing their weight at their skinniest point in time and then taking a couple of kgs off that 😛 However, it’s all hush hush so I guess we will never know….

    • You can’t always trust everything you see online. They could lie about their weight cause of personal reasons or cause of the company.

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