Runner up for Video of the Week: Kim Shin Young Parody

I just wanted to make a quick post for those checking up our blog. Yes, we can see you. Haha jokes. Well I am on the verge of suicide and my dark dark circles can probably compete with Seungri’s now. I RAN home today … no not because i was hungry, or trying to lose the much needed lost weight on my “honey thighs” … it was cause i had so much work to do. So, apologies if this post sounds short or is rushed. Oops opposite way round.. see?

Before picture of KSY

This video (BTS + performance) nearly won this week’s video of the week. Too bad i fell off my seat when i was watching the Japanese prank, so ultimately Nic’s video won. *Hangs head in shame* Nevertheless, Kim Shin Young parody of Miss A’s Touch is a great motivational video for those undergoing dieting. Power to her! And her toned legs! She also displayed her wit by changing the lyrics of the song to, ‘They tell you you’ll be prettier if you lose weight, but it’s all a lie~‘, evoking laughter amongst audience members.

Did you enjoy the video? What are your favorite parodies and/or videos?



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