Video of the Week! – Scary Japanese Prank

If you’ve watched ‘the Ring‘, well then you know the metal trauma that follows it. Dozens of sleepless nights, inability to borrow dvds, avoidances of wells, phones and TVs, and the fear of getting up to go to the bathroom at night etc etc. Well in this Video of the Week, we look at a Japanese Prank that bought the Ring to life. It is both hilarious and slack at the same time. Enjoy!

This is also quite similar to the Scary Hallway Prank

AH HAHAHAHA I simply love Japanese Prank Shows. When I feel my life is mundane and the people around me are getting too boring, I watch them to lift my mood. Japanese people think of the most ingenious pranks to humiliate, scare and surprise the victim. However, if anyone pulled the above prank on me, I think I would … die … of a heart attack … and then come back as the Ring to haunt them.

Hope you enjoyed it!



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