CL gets Double Eyelid Surgery!

CL of the fierce foursome 2NE1 wrote on her me2day, “I got double eyelid surgery, thanks“, with the above photo. Details of hospital and surgeon provided below.

Haha Did i give you a fright? Well ~ Happy April Fools!

Another less fortunate soul that got fooled today was none other than singer G.NA.

On April 1st, Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News”, the PD randomly blurted, “There are reports on the internet today that you’re in a love scandal.” Immediately, G.NA reacted with surprise, asking back, “Wait, wait a minute? Me? With who?” Although the PD declined to answer and tried coaxing her back into her interview, G.NA kept asking,“Seriously, who is it? Is it someone I know? 2PM? B2ST?”

Clazziquai‘s Alex also gave his fans a mini heart attack today by tweeting “I was recording the album… however the album… was thrown outNichkhun from 2pm tweeted “My mom recently told me that her father was an English man so that makes me a quarter British! That explains why I only turn red when I tan!”

While this hasn’t been confirmed as an April Fool’s joke, I’m skeptical that it’s true. If you turn red, it means you’re related to the Lobster … not British.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed his real phone number on Twitter. On April 1st, the singer wrote a number of posts on Twitter with the first saying, “010-4460-1117 is popular star Leeteuk’s phone number. It’s 100% real, so please don’t get fooled by fake numbers and contact me through this number please.” It turned out that the phone number was indeed his real number as he later tweeted, “My phone has died due to overload of calls and texts.”

To prove to fans that the phone number was real, fellow Super Junior member Heechul uploaded a proof-shot photo of Leeteuk’s phone onto his Twitter and wrote, “This is Kim Heechul. Leeteuk’s phone keke. He really revealed his phone number saying that today is April Fools’ Day. His phone has died keke. As expected from Leeteuk, he really is amazing. This is what I call a real April Fools’ Day event.. There’s no way I can beat this. What should I do..

I have a feeling it won’t be his “actual” number for long.

Wonbin Announces Wedding?

On April 1st, various online community boards and social networking sites read, “Wonbin Announces Wedding,” and instantly grabbed the attention of fans everywhere. What really surprised netizens was that these posts included articles of the actor’s marriage.

The article read, “Wonbin will marry on April 31st. He revealed his wedding announcement yesterday. The bride is said to be six years younger than him and is in the modeling industry.”

However, this turned out to be an April Fools’ Day joke because April 31st doesn’t actually exist. A fan is said to have photoshopped a fake article as a joke.

Other questionable jokes include IU stating that she got a boyfriend on Inkigayo, Super Junior’s Heechul impersonating f(x)’s Sulli on Twitter, and Big Bang TOP‘s pink brows.

Were you fooled? More jokes to come once I finish my long Shinhwa article! Let us know if you find any good ones 🙂



2 thoughts on “CL gets Double Eyelid Surgery!

  1. Oh dear, you should write about Jonghyun (shinee), yesterday he ‘become’ CNBlue Jonghyun, even asked @cnbofficial to follow back him^^. LOL
    At last, he even being’Amber” f(x) ROFL

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