Top Jpop Songs – March (#1 – #5)

Find out the Top 5 Jpop Songs for March! (Based on Oricon Chart W12)

1. “STILL” by Tohoshinki (TVQX)

For some reason “Still” doesn’t seem to fit into the traditional definition of a ballad. As opposed to belting out powerful notes, Tohoshinki exercises much greater control over their vocals. It’s not so much that they’re not capable of hitting the notes, but more so that the focus is on emotion rather than voice. The hue of the PV is romantic with rosy golds and the odd subtle sparkle – *sigh* I wish that reality could just be that wistful 🙂

My conclusion: unless you’re already a Tohoshinki fan, I don’t think this particular song or PV is going to convert you. However the melody is quite beautiful and simply speaking, it is at the top of the Oricon charts for a reason.

2. “WILD AT HEART” by Arashi

Because Japan has extremely strict copyright laws, I could only get my hands on a performance video of ‘Wild at Heart’. Please bear in mind that I am not extremely well versed in Jpop, and it is definitely an area in which I hope to increase in my knowledge. ‘Wild at Heart’ was predominately sung in unison and while the boys’ voices harmonised well, it was a bit too much at times. For me, a song needs to have variations in pace or else it just sounds like one long chorus. In saying that though, the song was extremely upbeat and I feel like it would be really good workout music haha.

3. “WANNA BE WITH YOU” by Lead

Overall I feel like there was something very ‘military‘ about the song in both the instrumentals and the dance. The sequence at the beginning definitely piqued my interest; although some parts looked like they were sourced from cheerleading (I’m sorry). The only disappointment for me was the style of the PV which was just the traditional juxtaposition of black scenes against white scenes, with close-ups inserted in between. Despite this, Lead’s crazy dance skills, their strong vocals and delivery are enough to earn this song a spot on my playlist.

4. “IF YOU WANT” by Kyosuke Himuro

The song and PV can be described in one word: inspirational. What I found really amazing is that Kyosuke Himuro is 51 years of age and has been active since he was 19 years old. That’s a 32 year career! His previous tracks have been used as the end songs for Final Fantasy VII, and he has also collaborated with Gerald Way of My Chemical Romance. The PV for ‘If you want’ gives you a glimpse of his amazing life, complemented by his powerful vocals.

5. “IKIYOU” by The Alfee

I really wish that I could review this but I can’t seem to find the songs or the PV anywhere!!! Help?



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