Sometimes I find myself suffering from the notion that idols were simply born skinny and beautiful. Between Goo Hara’s ‘ant waist’ and the fact that Sooyoung can eat anything without gaining weight, it is only natural to believe that all idols must have freakishly fast metabolisms. Although genetics does play a part, the reality however is quite different. In FLAB to FAB, we look at celebrities who were fat pre-debut. No doubt some of their before photos will surprise you and maybe, even inspire you (but don’t try their diets because I think they might kill you).

Big Bang’s T.O.P

Big Bang’s TOP lost 20 kg in 40 days! TOP’s motivation was being rejected by an entertainment agency because he was ‘too chubby’. Although this is amazing I can’t help but wonder what he did with all that extra skin…

In order to maintain his current body, TOP takes it upon himself to exploit his trainer, calling him up during the night with questions like:  “Teacher, two portions of steak and two portions of pork chop, which has the higher calories?“.

AA’s Aoora

This is actually quite amazing because AA’s Aoora used to weigh 120kg; he lost 51kg in one and a half months. Unfortunately, I don’t have any ‘before’ pictures.

2AM Changmin

2AM’s Changmin lost 30 kg in 6 weeks. Before debut, Changmin weighed over 100 kg; he lost 18 kg in the first 3 weeks and 12kg in the subsequent weeks. Changmin’s method was very simple: eat 2 blocks of tofu and run for 6 hours per day. That’s right, you read correctly: 6 HOURS of RUNNING.

However, he maintains his ab-licious body with a strict diet plan. See Korean Celebrity diets Part 1.

Nine Muses’ Sera

Sera has lost 20kg since her pre-deubt days after experiencing the extremes of yo-yo dieting. At a height of 170cm, Sera weighed in at 70kg before her diet. So how did she do it? In the mornings, Sera drinks a mixture of powered grains in order to curb her tendency to binge. She also does aerobic exercises and weight training at the gym for an hour per day.

4minute’s Hyuna

Hyuna lost over 20kg before her debut. Her motivation: after being told that she looked like “Shin Jung Hwan.”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook

Super Junior’s Ryeowook went on a ‘skipping rope‘ diet in order to effect the change you see above. He now channels his love for food by cooking for his members, although he doesn’t eat any of it himself.

Kang Sora

Leetuek’s ‘wife’ on We Got Married, Kang Sora must’ve lost a considerable amount of weight to get from ‘before’ to ‘after’. I’m suspecting 15-20kg.

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu

Sangchu lost 10 kgs in 10 days, resulting in the amazing transformation above. His method: replace meals with pumpkin and sweet potato and run around the Han River every day.

LEDApple’s Jaehoon

Jaehoon lost over 30 kg before debut. His before and after photo shows a person who went from a round face to one with gaunt cheeks and a v-line.

SECRET’s Sunhwa

Secret’s SunHwa maintains a strict 1400 Kcal diet of salad, half a roll of kimbap, two bowls of cereal, and 200 ml of milk daily. I guess that if she has this much self control, then she deserves to be skinny. Respect. Respect.

SECRET’s Zinger

SECRET’s Zinger wasn’t fat to begin with but she lost a ridiculous 6kg in 1 week. OMG why can’t my body to that?!? I blame genetics *shakes fist*.

Zinger’s secret (get it? get it?): drink water for 1 week. As in, only drink water. No food. Just water. Zinger began to eat again once she felt herself getting dizzy. Her motivation: after being told to get off the stage during a performance.

Super Junior’s Shindong

Shindong has been on numerous diets throughout the years with varying degrees of success. However, can I just say that the one that he’s on at the moment seems to be working for him. I mean, you can see his jawline!

Shindong’s method: eat lots of vegetables without dressing. He also publicly announced to his fans that he was embarking on a diet; which motivated him and made him more accountable. An example of his lunch:

Bella’s Lucy:

Bella’s Lucy revealed that she manages her weight loss by actively taking part in weight training and pilates. Lucy went from look like someone’s mum to Smexy Queen!.

Jewellery’s Park Jung Ah

Park Jung Ah spoke about the pressures of weight loss for a celebrity after losing a total of 20 kg. She confesses: “As opposed to exercising, I needed a quick way out so I went to the extremes and starved myself.”

So what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!



11 thoughts on “FLAB to FAB

  1. Oh god, so many of them look so different! My friend wants to go on a similar diet as zinger, but wouldn’t it become a yo-yo diet once she ate again? Gosh I wish I had the will power to do this stuff

    • I know what you mean! I did not know that Hyuna had been chubby; for some reason I always thought that she was naturally skinny. Btw, has your friend started her diet? I tried to go on the ‘water’ diet once and ended up failing around lunch time haha.

  2. She heard people just regained their weight after they began eating again, so she scrapped it. But she fasts for ramadan which is similar to the water diet but she gets to eat after a certain time. Well she DID lose some weight but not much. We’re both on this diet where we eat small portions of meals frequently and the portions contain like fruit veg and sometimes non fried chicken and cooked fish. We also dont eat after 7.00p.m. We drink water religiously and its way more effective because she used to lose about 3-4kg a week but now its slowed down a bit to 1kg, but its a long term thing haha. You should try it out sometime!

    • that is probably the best and most healthy way to lose weight 😀 although I balked a bit at the no eating past 7pm because that’s when I do most of my snacking haha. I will definitely give it a try after testing out the Dukan Diet though! Good luck with your diet!

  3. Interesting and somehow inspiring, for someone like me trying to loose weight!
    I suggest the Potato diet or the Cabbage diet! Many Kpop Idols seem to do that o_o
    I’m currently trying the Potato diet and I’m only on my first day LOL
    Here’s how it goes:

    ” Breakfast: A glass of milk / Green Tea / Water / Black Coffee(no sugar)
    Lunch: 300g mashed potatoes (add a small amount of salt if you want)
    Dinner: Potato salad – 250 g potatoes, sliced boiled egg.
    (You can add a little salt + vegetable oil if you want)

    The duration of such a diet should be around 3-5 days.
    During the day you can drink green tea or water without gas.”

    also if you get hungry in between the meals, i recommend to snack on fruits (except bananas).

    I’m trying that right now + I jump rope everyday as well. (Like Pil Suk from Dream High did)
    Wish me luck you guys!

    Here’s the Cabbage diet btw:
    Breakfast: Green tea / Unsweetened Black Coffee / Water
    Lunch: Salad of fresh cabbage and carrots with vegetable oil.
    No more than 200 grams of boiled beef / chicken / fish.
    Dinner: Cabbage salad with a half chicken egg and any type of fruits. Except bananas.

    Remember to drink tons of water !!!! xD

  4. Yeah… the thing with t.o.p you don’t see scars or anything of a supposed surgery for his extra skin.. he must have some weird genetical elastic skin of some sort..

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