Top Kpop Songs – March (#1 – #5)

The Month of March has been an exciting one for Kpop with Big Bang, Shinee and 2PM making their respective comebacks (Big Bang releasing their album on the 29th of Feb is close enough to March haha). However, neither of these bands took the  #1 spot!! Read to find out who did!

Note: Rankings were based on Mnet Charts (W12) March!

1. “KNOW YOUR NAME” – Jay Park

In the interest of efficiency (and laziness), I copied and pasted over last months review….mwahahaha.

The ex-leader of 2PM is doing great for himself, releasing two music videos for Know Your Name. The shot with multiple Jay Parks in black suits against a white background symbolizes small beings of existence. The camera then moves back to focus on only one Jay and creeps down below his red sneakers to show his distinctive style. Pure GENIUS! It seems like Jay is trying to distinguish himself. But Jay Park has to realize that he no longer is a b-boy but is now a solo artist. His voice is nice but not distinctive enough for me to listen to the song again. With the acoustic version, I can tell he’s singing the lyrics with all he’s got, but it doesn’t sound heart felt.


What the MV was about in one sentence: girl catches her boyfriend sleeping with (what appears to be) her hotter twin sister. Despite his questionable actions, she finds it difficult to forget him. My reaction: Omg girl! get some self respect and gumption!

I felt that MV for “For You Not to Know” fell just below the quality of “Irreversible”, although Ga In’s vocals surpassed that of her previous tracks. What I will say though is that the sex scene was pretty daring. I mean you actually see the girl unbuckling the guy’s belt and um…expressing her ‘pleasure’ (which is pretty much unheard of in Kpop). In fact, I wonder how they even got this MV past the Korean Over Lords of Censorship…

3. “IDEAL TYPE” – Busker Busker

MV isn’t up yet so I’ll just be briefly reviewing the song. Wow! For some reason I get the urge to get my Jazz Hands out and start twisting and shaking. The song has a fast paced and quirky tempo, with well matched instrumentals. As for the lyrics of the song…well let’s just say that Busker Busker admires the following body parts: ‘toes, backbone, chubby wrists, a soft jawline and the third rib bone‘. HAHA – their words.

Busker Busker became well known when they won second place in ‘Superstar K3‘. The Indie band has been dominating the music charts with the release of their full album today. According to their agency, the boys not only wrote the song, they also played all the instruments as well. *claps hands for talent*

4. “FANTASTIC BABY” – Big Bang

As much as I love hearing myself speak (haha) I won’t bore you with a repeat review. My opinion of the MV and song still stands. Read the full review here.


2AM is finally back after their one-and-a-half year hiatus!!! Their vocals are of course perfect, so there’s really no need to go into that aspect. However….

I have one itsy problem with this MV (fans of 2AM please don’t hate me). I believe that symbolism  is only effective when the viewer actually understands what is being said. Now I understand that the photographs and pages turning white representing memory loss etc etc. However what was the point of the little glass piano at the beginning and end of the video? So MUCH emphasis was placed on it, I feel like I missed out on a really important point. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. Also, his girlfriend appearing in the wardrobe was just freaky and completely unnecessary – only things like the Boogey Man and The Grudge pop out of wardrobes unannounced.

What did you think of this month’s top songs? Hit the comments below and let us know!



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