Top Cpop Songs – March (#1 – #5)

Bored with the Korean entertainment information overdose we’ve been giving you? Well then check out the Top 5 C-pop music videos based on the KKBox Charts! My favorite music video goes to Mayday‘s Starry Sky and best song goes to JJ Lin

#1 Mayday I won’t leave you alone

Mayday is a Taiwanese alternative rock band that was formed in the late 1990s with five members. Their experience in the music industry is much appreciated and for the past 11 weeks, have been dominating the Taiwanese music charts. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Cpop except for a few select songs and sadly, this song doesn’t fall into that category. Vocalist, A Shin, mumbles too much for my liking and the music video tries (and fails) to seem sad and nostalgic.

#2 Mayday Starry Sky

Another Mayday song! Excuse my translation of the tracks for this post. Cpop charts are in … Chinese so i had to enlist in the help of Google Translate and my own imagination, especially when translations come out as “Star Nothing”. The narration at the beginning of the song says this “When I was young and couldn’t sleep, my mother would tell me to look at the sky and wish upon the brightest star. The star would grant me a beautiful dream.

This song is about fulfilling your dreams and I actually LIKE it! It sounds very inspiring and the music video shows you around Taiwan’s night scene. There is also a story line, symbolism of the whale, stars and clocks and well done sets for the band. No wonder this song was on the charts for 17 weeks.

#3 Richie Jen Dui Zhe

Richie Jen (45) is a famous singer and actor around Asia. It’s weird how Koreans idols retire when Taiwanese artists debut. Pretty catchy song but Dui Zhe actually has very sad lyrics. Dui Zhe has a literally meaning of “Fold” but I have this feeling that’s not it. It means more on the lines of self reflection but don’t hold me on that! Argh i don’t think i can do this anymore. Whines T.T Aren’t there any happy songs????

#4 JJ Lin Never Learn

JJ Lin is is a Singaporean Mandopop Singer-songwriter, Composer and Actor based in Taiwan. This music video was shot in locations around Europe, including the Czech Republic and Switzerland. I can never get enough of JJ Lin‘s vocals! The narration at the beginning says something along the lines of … JJ Lin “You want to go to the place closest to heaven. But I’m stuck in an ancient maze-like city. Love is the only way out. Something I can never learn.”

Okay … can i change my favorite? Haha That was BREATH-TAKING!

#5 Yisa Yu Profound Plus Happiness

Yay, a female artist! But another sad song … god this is depressing. Yisa became famous after placing fourth on 2009 Super Girl contest. She boasts of clear vocals and is currently 28 years of age. Profound Plus Happiness is a track on her second album released on June 30th 2011.

Has anyone else noticed the bowl cuts on the female stars in most of these music videos?

Which music video did you like best? Leave your thoughts and comments below! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Top Cpop Songs – March (#1 – #5)

  1. I love the MVs for Mayday, and your review showed me a couple new artists and music! Thank you! And I absolutely love JJ Lin, so reading your review about his new song was great.

    Even though this post is waaaay old and you probably already figured it out by now, the English translation 星空 is actually Empty Sky. Keep reviewing! 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      If you like Cpop, you should definitely check out “The Voice – China”. It’s very popular in China at the moment and the mentors are well experienced veterans. Unfortunately, my favorite contestant (Wang Nai En) was eliminated early on…

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