Quick Look: Shinee “SHERLOCK”

On a serious note… The boys are back from a one and a half year hiatus with their 4th mini album Sherlock. The song Sherlock pays patronage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and is a hybrid track between the Shinee’s second track “Clue” and the third track “Note”. There is a detective story embedded in the music video and Jessica from SNSD also makes a special cameo appearance.

On a lighter note … With the popular modern adaptions of Sherlock Holmes such as the Japanese anime Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes movies, it was only a matter of time before the Korean music industry picked up on the trend. But this adaption simply ain’t meeting the bar. Shawols beware …the below content is not all pleasant .. do NOT read if your brain capacity doesn’t exceed the size of a pea.

Discrepancies … So many! Where to start? Obviously, the invention of a Mac didn’t happen until the 21st Century … in America. They could of least taken the decency to print out an actual newspaper. Last time I checked, Sherlock didn’t have schizophrenia or believe in spiritual beings. But I’ll convince myself that it was a side effect of Sherlock’s habitual use of cocaine and morphine.

Fashion … From the looks of it, bright and colorful plastic accessories are back in, along with thin and pale physiques for the boys. Darn it, I shouldn’t of thrown away all my plastic wristbands from junior high T.T Good thing about this trend is that you can keep them on 24/7. Unlike silver, it doesn’t tarnish and dries quickly after a shower. On the other hand … it can easily look cheap or childish, if not made or designed well.

Is Key sporting grey leggings under his star patterned shorts? Or have i gone color blind? I actually don’t mind the leggings and shorts combination on guys (not my favorite but i guess it could grow on me) but Key’s look is just too much. What exactly is this look trying to achieve? Apart from shock and cringing And what can make it a better combination? Anything

There’s also metallic arm bands but i thought only investigators wore them… Sherlock Holmes was a detectivehint hint. I really should get my eyes checked. Probably because i sit all day in front of a computer screen but is Minho wearing a skirt?!?! More wearable pieces that might be coming into fashion are washed out pale denim wear and embroidered jackets (I LIKE!).

The choreography … After watching their dance version, I’ve come to appreciate the dance moves much more. In the original music video there was too much swirling and significant amounts of camera time was allocated to the storyline. So, understandably my initial reaction was … that’s it? But I guess one can change their minds 🙂

My favorite sequence is the Stomp Stomp Stomp Camera Shot Point Brush Off Dust. Watch below 😉

Verdict … I don’t want to say anything too cruel since Nic’s probably gonna do that for me. ^^ But please stop it with the “Shinee’s back“! After repeating it at the beginning three times, it totally dashed any hope I had for the song. We KNOW you’re back and while it was sexy when Rain first whispered the words … It has been so overly done.  And someone better hand Taemin a pair of scissors… before i get arrested for assault or something

Though I am a bit skeptical of their portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, the music video’s ending, accompanied by the spooky music, did bring chills down my spine. I hope there will be an explanation or another music video to show why the girl/ghost was visible. Or am I just wishing for too much?

Music Video & Performances …



Nic: This one is for all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there.

I apologise in advance for all the swearing but I am so F*CKING angry right now *attempts to snap Key’s glasses*. I mean, WHO was delusional enough to think that Shinee  was capable of pulling off Holmes’ persona? Sherlock Holmes is cold. He is methodical. He reasons. He is NOT some hippy wannabe dancing around a museum wearing a poncho and skinny jeans.

I was also ‘curious’ about the role of Jessica in the MV. At first I thought that perhaps she was meant to represent Irene Adler (in which case I would have scoffed), but the reality is worse: she’s actually a ghost. So instead of using abductive reasoning to solve crimes, Sherlock Holmes now resorts to clues left by a deceased girl who can float, disappear and also be photographed!

Thinking hard? Or Hardly thinking?

Now that I’ve calmed down: I feel like this song had the real potential to become a 20-30 minute long ‘story’ with perhaps a shorter 5 minute version. After all, the literature is so rich and so capable of inspiration that Shinee had the potential to do something amazing with it. Instead, they gave us five boys with forced puzzled expressions, holding up magnifying glasses and stroking their faces in ‘thought’. *shakes head*



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