Video of the Week: Hyun Bin & Big Bang

Nic: Ahhhh another week has passed and due to our extreme laziness we forgot to put up a video last week *bows head in deepest apology*.

My reason is that I got a cat … *slowly looks sideways at Renee for her excuse* HAHAHA.

Renee: To all our readers ~ I’m sorry as well. To show our appreciation for your dedication to our blog, we’ll do a truckload of posts this week! My extensive list of reasons include: cousin getting married so the influx of family members and family-related events such as staring at the sea and going Wow~ … for the 50th time; marketing our blog … and getting hate; praying *cough*  for Nic, since her parents were initially against the idea of a cat; bearing the hefty burden of reality; and of course praying for Nic. Mental support is what counts 🙂

So to make up for it, we’ve decided to showcase two videos this week.

Video #1

For those of your who are Hyun Bin fans or have watched “My name is Kim Sam Soon” you will of course remember the hilarious karaoke scene. Every single time I watch it, I cackled so hard I can literally feel a six-pack coming on. Below is Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah’s reaction to the scene. Enjoy!

Video # 2

Is Nic serious? The Best Karaoke Scene definately goes to Dokko Jin in The Greatest Love!! Rolls Eyes 😛

I was going to add a Big Bang video buttttt here’s Dokko’s version of cool karaoke! Oh and he’s singing G-dragon’s Heartbreaker so I guess it’s fate.

Which video did you like better? Who is your bias? Let us know by commenting!


Renee & Nic

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