Quick Look: SNSD’s Time Machine

On a serious note… Girls Generation just revealed their new Japanese promotional video for Time Machine, a track on the ladies’ Re:package album of GIRLS’ GENERATION. Time Machine is an mid-tempo ballad led by a beautiful piano melody and Girls’ Generation’s enchanting and soothing vocals. Produced by HIRO, the song is dedicated to the victims of the Japanese tsunami.

On a lighter note … The somber teaser for Time Machine features Japanese entertainer Imada Kouji crying alone in a room while the song plays in the background. But somehow or rather they forgot to insert him in the actual music video…

Also, not all SNSD members got to sing for the song. Can you spot which ones?

Who won… If you have read our previous articles, then you would probably know what we mean by winning and losing. If you haven’t, this is a must read!

Yoona won. I’m actually not a Yoona fan but she looked spectacular in a beautiful wedding gown whilst scouring the snowy streets of Omotesandou, Japan. Reportedly, temperatures while filming reached -1 degrees Celsius. No wonder she looks so pale …

Who lost …  Sorry Tiffany. The girls all look amazing in this music video and I had to pick someone. The shot of Tiffany above makes her look like she’s naked and reminded me of the Japanese girl band SND48, who recently disbanded. God, even their group names sound the same!

SND48: Now that's one girl group I wouldn't want to join

Korean celebrities expanding in Japan… Have been receiving bad response from Japanese citizens recently. Beautiful actress, Kim Tae Hee, has been receiving death threats from the nation, resulting in her cancellation of various Japanese promotions and commercials. Furthermore, public protests against the Korean Hallyu wave have increased in magnitude of late: read about them here. Since the Japanese Tsunami is an extremely sensitive topic, will the Japanese allow SNSD to commemorate it?

I have noticed that SM Entertainment is stepping carefully around the Korean-Japanese tensions. For the March 1st Movement, South Koreans all over the world posted pictures of the SK flag, displaying Korean resistance to the occupation of the Japanese Empire. Celebrities such as Se7en, Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Jung Jun Ha, Simon DFT Island‘s Lee Hong KiT-Ara‘s HyominB2ST‘s Yang Yo Seob, and 9Muses‘ Eunji posted up the Korean Taegukgi on their twitter accounts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but i didn’t notice any mentions from SM artists.

Since March 1, Se7en's display picture also shows the artist holding up the SK flag. https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en

SM were also quick to donate a cool $870,000 (1 billion WON) to the Japanese Red Cross for the tsunami relief. JYJ donated $522,000 (600 million WON) and YG with $435,000 (500 million WON). Looks like all the Soshies out there won’t have to worry about the safety of SNSD while undergoing their Japanese promotions after all.

The verdict … Time Machine is one of my favourite SNSD music videos. The echoey vocals, soothing melody and strong base leave listeners with poignant nostalgia. The introduction was a bit long but overall, the music video was superbly put together. Every member has her own scene and the white, black, colorful and glittery undertones in each, contrast nicely.

The teaser…

The music video …

Which SNSD member did you think looked the best? Share your thoughts below 🙂



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